Workers' Compensation


Get highly sought-after legal services right near home in New York City. We offer free initial in-person, zoom, and over the phone consultations, flexible office hours, and a convenient central location to give you an outstanding, professional legal experience at an affordable price.

Contested Divorces

When you have children, property, or other assets involved in a divorce, you may run into a situation where neither party agrees to sign divorce papers. In these instances, Jayson fights for the overall best interest of the entire family, particularly in cases involving children.

Family Court Cases

We can handle cases involving custody and visitation issues, orders of protection, neglect and abuse, child support, and other modifications and enforcement related to family court. Protect your family and schedule a consultation to get started.

Estate Planning

Before passing on, every individual should gather their affairs and make sure they properly manage their assets’ distribution after their death. We specialize in estate planning, wills, establishing a health care proxy or power of attorney, and asset administration in cases without a will.

Personal Injury & Accidents

If you’ve been in an accident, suffered injuries at work, or have been a victim of medical malpractice, speaking with an experienced legal professional is paramount to resolving your case. Get the compensation you deserve and contact our office today.


Our team can manage Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases to help you get a fresh financial start. With credit card debt, medical bills, and mortgage loans bogging you down, you may not know where to begin. We do! Put your faith in a knowledgeable, experienced team that can help you decide your best option.

Real Estate & Business Contracts

Get legal advice on business dealings, contracts, real estate closings, and more. We’ll help you understand every fine detail of your agreements and close the deal feeling confident and educated in the decisions you make.

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