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Parentage comes with rights, especially the right of being able to spend time with one’s children. Being a parent also carries great legal responsibilities—namely, the financial support of one’s offspring. Whether it’s a father looking to establish custody rights or a mother who needs child support, our Bronx parental rights lawyer can help them work within the system to get what they deserve. 

Our family law firm has a real family atmosphere. With a tight-knit staff and a thorough understanding of the law, customer satisfaction and positive outcomes are the top priorities. Attorney Jayson Lutzky, with thousands of cases in an award-winning career that goes back to 1985, leads a talented team that includes an associate attorney, three dedicated paralegals, and helpful partnerships with other lawyers if your case goes to trial. Trust our passionate, educated, and fully bilingual staff to take care of you.

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How is Paternity Established in New York?

When the parents are married, the paternity of the husband is assumed unless proven otherwise. When parents are unmarried, but in agreement on the lineage of the child and ready to embrace both rights and responsibilities, the easiest path is to sign an Acknowledgment of Parentage form. This can be done right at the hospital after the child is born. The AOP form can still be signed by both parents at any point to when the child is 21 years old. 

Disputed Fatherhood: Legal Steps in the Bronx

It's when fatherhood is disputed that a Bronx parental rights attorney may need to step in. A petition will have to be filed, either with a child support agency or a family court. Whether it’s the mother or the father making the claim, the process is still essentially the same. An order will be made for a DNA swab of the potential father. If it proves that he is indeed the parent of the child in question, then all of his parental rights and responsibilities go into effect.

Understanding Custody and Support Laws in New York

The father of a child will have a right to some level of custody, both physical and legal. Physical custody refers to their right to spend time with the child. Whether this is through a structured visitation program (i.e., every other weekend) or an equal sharing of time with the mother will be decided based on each individual situation. Legal custody means the father will get at least some say in key decisions in the child’s life, from education to healthcare to religion, and more. 

The mother of the child will now have the right to receive support payments from the father. The state of New York has guidelines that establish the overall costs of raising a child and how those costs are to be shared between the parents. 

Secure Your Rights with a Trusted Bronx Parental Rights Lawyer

Attorney Jayson Lutzky understands that parental rights cases have a huge impact on his client's lives, that is why our legal team doesn't rest until your case is resolved with the best possible outcome. With a reputation for excellent service, as well as a thorough knowledge of New York family law, you can be confident that your case is in expert hands. If you are a mother or father wanting to establish paternity in New York, please contact our team today.

Keep a Proven, Tough, and Experienced Bronx Parental Rights Lawyer on Your Side

Attorney Jayson Lutzky knows how much parents need their children, and vice-versa. He, and his entire dedicated team are committed to doing all we can to secure parental rights, whether those rights be of a father wanting to see his child, or mother in need of financial help. 

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