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Christmas trees and cars: a dangerous mix

christmas tree on car hazard

Last week, the Sudbury, Massachusetts Police Department made national news when it posted a Christmas tree photo on its Facebook page. The unwrapped tree, which was on top of a Mazda 5 minivan, hung over the sides and rear of the vehicle, covering the windows and even concealing the license plate. Police commented that an…

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Christmas: what’s the solution?

christmas tree gifts

For many of us, the holidays are when budgets go out the window. In 2016, the average American shopper spent $935.58 on Christmas presents, and this year the total will probably go up, thanks to higher-priced gifts and advertisements that make it difficult to resist overspending. For some people, the intention is to spend as…

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Holiday co-parenting tips


The holiday season is always difficult for divorced parents and their children. Parents have to let go of old grudges and bad memories so that they can work together and make the season special for the kids, who may be feeling sad at the realization that their family is now divided. Young children can be…

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Hunting accidents in New York

hunting rifle

Certain areas of New York State are renowned for their abundant hunting options. In November, hundreds of people armed with shotguns head to designated wooded areas to hunt pheasants, wild turkeys, deer, and other game animals. While enthusiasts insist that hunting is no more dangerous than other outdoor sports, the fact is that every year…

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Common Thanksgiving accidents: What they are and how to watch for them

thanksgiving turkey accidents

Every year, we look forward to Thanksgiving. A juicy turkey dinner shared with friends and family is the ideal way to transition to the December holiday spirit. Unfortunately, this is a time period that’s statistically infamous for the number of injuries and accidents that occur while celebrating. Below are four common Thanksgiving accidents and how…

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How to work with (not against) your personal injury attorney

hand shake deal

When you hire a personal injury attorney, you’re embarking on a relationship that calls for certain levels of trust. What this means is that you need to disclose everything about your case, even if you don’t believe that certain changes or updates are relevant. Your attorney is the one who needs to make that call,…

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Does your ex have a homework-free policy?

women doing homework

When your child hands you yet another note from the school, you know without even opening it what it contains. Jane has not been doing all her homework assignments again, and the slacking off occurs on school nights when your ex has parenting time with her. You’ve talked to him about this already, and he’s…

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Risks of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy without an attorney

Many people opt to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy without assistance from an attorney. Sometimes it is because they feel their cases are simple and straightforward, while in other instances they feel that they can’t afford the attorney fees. While you certainly have the legal right to file for Chapter 7 on your own, help…

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The permissive use doctrine in New York automobile accidents

car insurance policy

Imagine this scenario. You are driving to the store for a late-night grocery run when another vehicle collides with yours, causing you to suffer significant injuries. When the police arrive, they discover that the other driver, who ran a red light, was not the actual owner of the car. Who can therefore be held liable…

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Going back to work after divorce? Here are some resume tips!

job search

Now that your divorce is finalized, you’re preparing to return to work after years as a homemaker. Depending on what industry you want to work in, you’ll have to brush up on your skills—and your resume. Decide what jobs interest you If you want to work in a particular industry, then state this objective on…

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Elements of a New York wrongful death claim


When a beloved family member is killed by another person’s act of negligence or malice, your life is never the same afterward. Although holding the responsible party accountable for their actions will never fill the void or bring your loved one back, it can ease the financial burden associated with the loss. Filing a wrongful…

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How to get out of student loan default

financial calculation

After nine months of missed payments, your student loan account will fall into default status. That’s when calls from debt collectors start, your credit takes a serious hit, and you potentially face legal action from the company that issued the loan. What can you do to get out of default status and back on the…

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How does the eggshell skull rule affect a personal injury case?

eggs concert for personal injury eggshell skull rule

Imagine that you’re driving through the Bronx, en route to meet friends at a newly opened cocktail lounge. When you stop at a red light, a distracted driver rear-ends you. Your seat belt prevented you from hitting your head on the windshield, but your injuries are still serious. This is because you have osteogenesis imperfecta,…

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Assembling your divorce “dream team”

professionals team

Divorce is a confusing and stressful time for anyone. There are so many areas that need to be addressed: legal, financial, and of course emotional. To make matters worse, everyone is giving you advice, a lot of it conflicting. How will you handle it all? The answer is: you don’t. At least not by yourself.…

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How does “foreseeability” affect a New York personal injury case?


Our actions sometimes have unexpected consequences, but to what extent are we liable when these actions cause someone to get hurt? The answer to this question plays a pivotal role in determining whether or not we can be held responsible when an act of negligence on our part results in a personal injury. Determining negligence…

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Being “judgment proof” and bankruptcy

income on desk

Should you fail to pay your bills, your creditors can legally sue you for the money you allegedly owe them, but if you are ‘judgment proof’, they may not succeed in collecting it, especially if it is a credit card balance, medical debt arrears, or some other form of unsecured debt. In this blog, we’ll…

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Roofing accidents in New York

construction roofing accidents

According to the United States Bureau of Labor statistics, roofing is one of the most dangerous occupations in the country. Serious accidents can happen at any time, and because roofers almost invariably work at considerable heights, the resulting injuries can be permanently disabling and even fatal: an estimated 50 roofers are killed on the job…

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What happens to your New York estate plan during a divorce?

legal will

If you have recently filed for divorce, then you will also want to consider changing your estate plan in the process. The New York Estates, Powers, and Trusts Law 5-1.4 addresses the effect of divorce, annulment, or  judicial separation on estate planning documents such as wills, and if certain steps are not taken, then your…

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Why you should always seek medical treatment in personal injury cases

accident medical records

Medical evidence forms the foundation for all personal injury cases, and its strength and quality can mean the difference between getting the settlement you deserve and being forced to accept a substandard offer. Emergency room records, treatment bills, and doctor’s notes all play a crucial role in assigning liability and determining damages. So why do…

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What happens to your investments in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

If you are thinking of filing for Chapter 13, then you’re bound to have concerns about any investments you may have. Can creditors like the IRS touch them? Which ones are protected? It’s a complicated area that a New York bankruptcy attorney can clarify for you. 401(k) plans The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)…

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Five reasons why New Yorkers declare bankruptcy

five reasons concept balloon

Last year, less than 800,000 people filed for bankruptcy throughout the country. At first glance, that seems like a lot, but in reality the number of filings for 2016 was the lowest for any year since 2006. Although filings appear to be in the decline, thousands of people throughout New York continue to seek bankruptcy…

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IVC filters: Risks and injuries

body illustration for vein injury

Lawsuits over IVC filters are continuing to appear in both state and federal courts all over the country. At present, there are nearly 4,000 filings against C.R. Bard and Cook Medical, which are the two largest IVC filter manufacturers, and smaller manufacturers such as B. Braun, Argon Medical, Cordis Corporation, and Rex Medical are facing…

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State of New York pays $22 million to brain-damaged boxer

sports injury

Earlier this month, the State of New York agreed to pay $22 million to 36-year-old former boxer Magomed Abdusalamov and his family. It is the largest since payment that the state has ever made to a single personal injury victim. Abdusalamov experienced extensive brain damage in November 2013, during a heavyweight match at Madison Square.…

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What to expect at a 341 meeting

bankruptcy court hearing 341 meeting

When you file for bankruptcy in New York, one of the conditions of a future discharge is that you attend a meeting of creditors known as the 341 hearing, named after a section of the Bankruptcy Code. Your trustee will attend and ask you a series of questions. Although creditors are allowed to attend, none…

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Common Halloween injuries to watch for

Halloween Injuries

As children, we loved Halloween for a number of reasons: the scary costumes, the thrill of stuffing our bags with candy, and the joy of running around the neighborhood with our friends. We also enjoyed being scared by the idea of ghosts, ghouls, and other monsters lurking in the dark. Now that we’re adults, and…

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How to keep divorce from harming your credit

credit score

When you file for divorce, you expect your life to change. You will no longer be living under the same roof as your former spouse, your standard of living may be different, and many social routines will change. What you may not anticipate is how your FICO score will be affected. The simple act of…

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Misdiagnosis as the basis of a New York medical malpractice claim

We rely on medical practitioners to diagnose our illnesses correctly so that we can receive the treatment we need. When misdiagnosis occurs, our health and even lives can be placed at risk. When this misdiagnosis occurs due to negligence, the medical practitioner could be liable for medical malpractice. What are the different types of misdiagnosis?…

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Bronx road rage injuries

road rage driver

Earlier this month, a furious driver used a baseball bat to fracture the skull of a 22-year-old furniture deliveryman after the latter failed to move his double-parked van. After exchanging angry words with the victim and another delivery driver, the assailant threatened to open fire, but instead grabbed a bat, approached the van on foot,…

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School bullying advice for parents

For many children across the country, going back to school is an exciting prospect. They get to reunite with friends who do not live nearby, make new ones, and settle into another routine of classes and favorite teachers. Unfortunately, for some children, returning to school means another year of being tormented and bullied. The problem…

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School bus injuries in New York: What parents should know

school bus + children + driver

Comparatively few children live within walking distance of their school, making it necessary for them to take the bus. While the majority of trips take place without incident, it is, regrettably, not uncommon for parents to receive a call that their son or daughter has been hurt while riding to or from school.  One of…

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How to help your kids adjust to two homes

single mom and child

The moment your spouse moves out of the marital home (or you do) in preparation for divorce, your children will have two places to call home: their current residence and that of their other parent. The change may upset them in the beginning, as younger children in particular become anxious when their routines are disrupted,…

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Is this for real? How to tell if a debt collector is legitimate

phone with debt collector concept

What’s worse than being chased by a debt collector? Being chased by a fake one! Across the country, people are being called by scammers who claim to be legitimate debt collectors but who are, in reality, anything but. These fraudsters usually do their research beforehand, accessing your personal information by pulling your credit report, hacking…

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How to make your kids feel more secure during divorce

mother hugs son

When their parents divorce, children often wonder what went wrong and whether or not they might be to blame. These anxious and confused feelings are heightened when one parent moves out, splitting the household and causing them to see that parent less often. Although there is no way to ease the pain of divorce completely,…

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Deadly powder? Johnson & Johnson Faces talcum powder lawsuits

A Los Angeles jury recently awarded a landmark $417 million to California resident Eva Echeverria, who alleged that the talc in Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder caused her to develop ovarian cancer. Ms. Echeverria, who had been using the product for feminine hygiene since she was 11, claimed that the company did not take reasonable…

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Who are all these people? Parties involved in your bankruptcy

business people

When you file for bankruptcy in New York, multiple parties are involved in the process. You may never even see some of them, but their role remains an important part of your debt relief journey. Let’s take a closer look at who they are and what they do after you file. The bankruptcy judge Although…

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Infliction of emotional distress

angry woman pointing finger

When someone intentionally inflicts emotional distress on you, you may be able recover compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Doing so has its challenges, though. Emotional distress is intangible and difficult to quantify, so obtaining monetary damages for this form of injury is not as straightforward as, for example, suing a property owner for broken…

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Common summertime personal injuries

bicycle and car accident, crosswalk

Although Labor Day has passed and school is in session, temperatures are still warm and people remain in the summer holiday spirit. For some, this means weekends away, hours in the swimming pool, and other continued warm weather fun. Although relaxing and enjoyable, summer activities are not without risks. To lessen the chances of an…

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How the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act can affect your bankruptcy

houses in bankruptcy

When New York homeowners file for bankruptcy in New York, they are typically aware of the protections extended to them by the automatic stay. The calls and letters from creditors and/or third-party debt collectors stop and all official collection actions, such as wage garnishments or lawsuits, are brought to a halt. A comparative few-and even…

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Mirena IUD lawsuits on the rise

medical devices & injuries

Pharmaceutical giant Bayer is now facing lawsuits from literally thousands of women across the United States. The majority of these plaintiffs are claiming that the intrauterine device (IUD) Mirena has significant and life-threatening side effects that Bayer intentionally declined to make public. Instead of advising doctors of these risks, they allege, the company remained silent…

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How does bankruptcy affect your security clearance?

security clerarance

If you are active duty military, a government employee, or employed by a defense contractor, then you almost certainly have a secret or top secret security clearance. If financial difficulties overwhelm you and bankruptcy seems imminent, then how will that affect your security clearance? It’s a difficult question because there is no single answer. Security…

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How video surveillance is used in personal injury cases

surveillance camera

Until fairly recently, video cameras were expensive and unwieldy pieces of equipment used only by professionals and dedicated hobbyists. Today, with smartphones that take HD-quality images, anyone can be a videographer at any time. This ease of use and accessibility has resulted in video being applied as evidence in defending personal injury cases. Video surveillance…

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Complex regional pain syndrome: The elusive personal injury

injured nerve concept

Complex regional pain syndrome is an insidious condition because it can be so difficult to detect and diagnose. Take the following example. You are leaving a movie theater late at night when another motorist distracted by their cell phone rear-ends your vehicle. You go to the hospital to be checked out, and are discharged a…

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New York military personnel and bankruptcy

Military personnel residing in New York may not be civilians, but they are still people, and as such can struggle financially like anyone else. They are also allowed to file for bankruptcy protection if their debts become unmanageable, but unlike the rest of us, active-duty military members and disabled veterans enjoy certain debt-related protections that…

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Should I agree to settle my personal injury claim?

claim on clipboard for settlement

If you are pursuing a personal injury claim, you will likely be offered the chance to settle out of court. It would be surprising if you weren’t: an estimated 95 to 96% of such cases are settled pretrial. Whether or not you should accept the other side’s offer or proceed to trial depends on a…

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Jaywalking injuries in New York City

New York City’s streets are chaotic, but laws are still in place. If you are using a crosswalk in proper accordance with the signal being displayed and a motor vehicle hits you, then the driver will most likely be held at fault. Even if a crosswalk lacks signals, drivers are legally obligated to give you…

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Buying a home after a New York bankruptcy


If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, then you may be wondering if you will ever be able to buy a home before the filing disappears from your credit report (10 years for a Chapter 7, seven years after a Chapter 13). The answer is a definite yes, but you should generally wait a…

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Workers’ compensation: When can you claim?

construction site potential injuries concept

If you experience a workplace injury or become ill as a result of work-related duties, then New York law generally does not permit you to sue your employer. Instead, you must file for Workers’ Compensation benefits. If your claim is approved and your occupational injury or disease leaves you unable to work for more than…

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Daycare injuries in New York


As parents, we know that getting hurt is practically a childhood rite of passage. Energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity result in accidental scrapes,cuts, broken bones, and other injuries that are painful at the time but soon heal. But when we entrust our children to daycare each morning before work, we never expect to get a call…

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Tips for single parents going back to school

father children toys working

Children are not the only ones who experience back-to-school excitement and jitters. Divorced parents do too, especially if they have been a stay-at-home mother or father for years and need to brush up on their skills before looking for a job. As the workforce and employer expectations change, many people go back to school to…

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Social media and bankruptcy: What to avoid

social media concept

Remember the time you were so proud of that new vacation home or sports car that you showed it off on every social media outlet that you have? Doing so could have serious consequences for you if you file for bankruptcy in the future, even if you’re completely honest. The most common forms of bankruptcy…

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Fireworks injuries in New York

firework sparklers

Late on the evening of July 4, 2015, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was enjoying a holiday party in his Florida hometown. He had purchased $1,100 worth of fireworks to give the entire neighborhood a spectacular show, but when he retrieved one from the parked U-haul where they were being stored and lit…

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How social media can hurt your personal injury case

social media

Social media has transformed the way people interact with one another. We use Facebook to share personal milestones and tweet our happiness and anger for anyone to see. While these social networks have huge advantages when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family, they also expose us to the danger of oversharing.…

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Common issues clients must overcome when filing bankruptcy

warning sign

If you’ve decided that bankruptcy is the best solution to an overwhelming debt problem, you don’t want mistakes and missteps to prevent you from getting the relief you need. Below are some of the activities and transactions that may result in your petition being refused, as some debtors employ them to minimize the negative effects…

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Pain and suffering in a New York personal injury case

pain shown on face from an injury

To many people, the concept of damages for “pain and suffering” is vague, but if you have been injured in an accident, these damages provide compensation for any severe physical and mental pain and mental anguish that you must live with in the aftermath. Examples include physical pain, anxiety, fear, insomnia, and even loss of…

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Establishing paternity in New York

DNA for paternity concept

Fatherhood includes certain obligations and rights. Once a child’s paternity is established, the father has the right to see him or her and be actively involved in his or her life. Even if he elects not to do so, then he still has both a moral and legal obligation to support the child. When a…

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Takata files for bankruptcy

accident with airbag deployment

The Japanese company behind one of the worst automobile safety scandals has filed for bankruptcy. Airbags have been instrumental in minimizing the injuries of automobile drivers and passengers, but once the danger presented by Takata airbags became known, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the federal agency responsible for automotive safety in the United…

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Filing a joint vs. individual chapter 7 bankruptcy

legal consultation with two people

If you are married and considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a debt crisis solution, then you and your spouse will have to discuss whether you want to file a joint petition, file your own separate cases, or have one of you file alone. There is no right answer that applies to all couples equally—it all…

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Does workers’ compensation include psychological injuries?

psychological injuries concept depressed man

Psychological injuries can be just as traumatizing as physical ones, especially when they are so severe that you cannot eat or sleep. Over time, physical illness can set in. Does this mean that you can collect worker’s compensation for mental stress allegedly experienced on the job? In New York it’s certainly possible, but the success…

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Protecting inheritances in a New York divorce

inheritance laws

When you’re married, you share everything in your lives, even assets that you inherited. Perhaps your parents left you a beautiful vacation home, or you have a rare coin collection from your grandfather. If the marriage ends in divorce, you naturally want to keep that property, especially if it has strong sentimental and financial value.…

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Whiplash injuries in New York

spine injury

If you were recently in a motor vehicle accident—as a driver or passenger- and now suffer from persistent and excruciating neck and / or back pain, then you may have suffered whiplash in the collision. Whiplash is a commonly used term for neck sprains and strains that occur when your neck is suddenly and violently…

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Ways that a criminal record can affect your child custody case


It’s common knowledge that a criminal record can have a detrimental effect on your life. Not only are there immediate penalties such as significant fines and possible incarceration, but you also face long-term complications such as restricted employment options, loss of access to public benefits, and even challenges when you seek custody of your children.…

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Dog bite liability in New York

dog bite

According to the Center for Disease Control, over four million people are bitten by dogs every year in the U.S. It is an incredibly traumatizing and painful experience, especially for children, who compose a significant percentage of bite victims. Dog bites are actually the second most common injury for children that requires medical intervention, after…

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Divorce and marital debt in New York

Marital debt is any financial obligation acquired by one or both spouses during the course of a marriage. It is typically accrued to benefit the couple/family in some way, and can include: Mortgages to acquire family homes Car loans Personal loans Joint credit cards and lines of credit It is even possible for one spouse’s…

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Four tips for summer parenting time

As the last day of school before summer break approaches, we feel a more pressing need to confirm vacation plans for the summer. For divorced parents who have agreed to establish their own vacation schedule, this can be as difficult as it is exciting. We would love to take the kids to Disney World in…

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Accidents and injuries at the swimming pool

pool jump

The weather is warming up, which means that Hamilton Fish Park, the John Jay Public Swimming Pool, Red Hook Swimming Pool, and other public swimming outlets in New York are going to be filled with people of all ages. All of them go to cool off and enjoy themselves, never suspecting that they could be…

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What are unclaimed bankruptcy funds?


When a debtor declares bankruptcy to eliminate their unsecured debts, the logical assumption is that their creditors practically line up to claim a share of any proceeds from liquidated assets or payment plans. Believe it or not, there is a large amount of “forgotten” cash being held by the federal court system, most of it…

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School bullying injuries in New York

Although New York has laws that prohibit bullying in schools, scores of students are threatened, harassed, and terrorized, both in person and online, every year. Schools are responsible for preventing bullying on their property, but it still happens, and to such an extent that some children refuse to go to school and others commit suicide,…

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Child support arrears

Parents are obligated to support their children even if their relationship comes to an end. When this happens, the typical arrangement is that the non-custodial parent pays child support to the parent who retains primary custody, with the amount calculated to cover the children’s needs and help them enjoy a lifestyle similar to the one…

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Will your car accident case settle or go to trial?

gavel and money offer

When you have a personal injury claim arising from a car accident, you’re probably wondering whether the case will settle or go to trial. In terms of statistics, an estimated 95 to 96% of personal injury cases are settled before trial. This is due to reasons like those listed below: Trials are public and can…

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Chapter 9 bankruptcy

bankruptcy law book

Chapter 9 bankruptcy is specifically structured to address the needs of financially distressed municipalities, which can include a broad range of government entities such as: Towns Cities Counties Taxing districts School districts Chapter 9 allows these entities to reorganize their debts, extend repayment timelines, reduce the principal / interest, or obtain refinancing. In order to…

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Summer camp injuries in New York

When the weather turns warm, and schools close, many New York parents send their children to summer camp. These camps, which can be day outings or overnight adventures, are a great way to for kids to meet new friends, enjoy nature, and have fun doing a variety of outdoor activities. Unfortunately, it is also possible…

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Four tips for summer parenting time

mother and child

As the last day of school before summer break approaches, we feel a more pressing need to confirm vacation plans for the summer. For divorced parents who have agreed to establish their own vacation schedule, this can be as difficult as it is exciting. We would love to take the kids to Disney World in…

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Public beach injuries in New York


Summer is here, which means that beach season is also upon us. A trip to Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Fire Island Beach or Rockaway Beach is an enjoyable way to beat the city heat and catch up on our sun tanning or the latest novel. While most days by the seaside result in nothing worse…

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Title III bankruptcy: What it is and how it works

bankruptcy law

Hounded by creditors and low on financial resources, Puerto Rico recently filed a Title III petition in federal court. This is apparently the first time that an American state or territory has sought this type of relief from a crushing debt load (in this instance, $74 billion to creditors and over $40 billion in pension…

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The rights of injured passengers in New York car accidents

car with driver and passengers

After a collision occurs, passengers have the same rights as drivers when it comes to seeking compensation for their injuries, which may include: Traumatic brain injury and/or facial trauma from striking the dashboard or window Whiplash and back injury from being rear-ended Widespread physical trauma from a side-impact collision Who is legally obligated to provide…

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Bankruptcy and child support

money bill

Imagine this scenario. Your ex has been ordered to pay you child support after your New York divorce, and she does—approximately half the time. As the months pass, many payments are missed and the amount of back child support due to you increases. Then you find out that she has just filed for bankruptcy to…

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ATV Safety

atv rider

Over the Memorial Day weekend, a high school teacher was involved in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) crash that led to her death in western New York State. The teacher crashed her ATV on a rural road in Yorkshire. She was only 33 years old. ATV crashes, many of which result in serious injuries, occur regularly…

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Public park injuries in New York

As spring develops into summer, public parks become increasingly popular with New York families. We head out to Central Park to walk along the winding trails and streams or enjoy some sun tanning at Sheep’s Meadow. On weekends we grab the kids and go to Brooklyn Bridge Park to watch the outdoor movies and take…

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What is Chapter 20 Bankruptcy?

When you file for Chapter 13 immediately after receiving a Chapter 7 discharge, it is known as a Chapter 20 situation. Its intended purpose is to allow you to discharge your unsecured debts via a Chapter 7 and then catch up on nondischargeable debts such as taxes and your mortgage in a Chapter 13 repayment…

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Four myths about traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have a catastrophic and permanent effect on your life. Immediately after they occur, you face the financial and emotional challenges of medical bills and struggling with insurance companies. In the long run, depending on their extent, such injuries can impair your personality, mental and physical functioning, and even prevent you…

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Professional practice valuations in a New York divorce

When you and your spouse divorce in New York, all marital property must be distributed in a fair and equitable manner. If you own a professional practice, such as a medical, dental, legal, or accounting business, it is subject to division regardless of when you started or joined it. It’s a process that can be…

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Asbestos exposure injuries in New York

asbestos roof

Although there are low levels of asbestos in our food, water, and even the air we breathe, it is seldom in sufficient quantities to make us ill. Certain types of blue collar workers, however are often exposed to asbestos in the course of their daily work. They include: Construction: General construction employees use asbestos-based products…

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How many times can you file for bankruptcy in New York?

bankruptcy petition chapter 7

If you’ve already filed for bankruptcy once in New York, can you file again? The short version of the answer is, “yes.” But how long you have to wait before you may do so depends on what chapter you originally filed, which one you intend to file this time, and whether or not your first…

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Burn injuries in New York

According to the American Burn Association, every year nearly half a million Americans suffer burns that require medical attention. Some of these injuries are severe enough to be life-threatening and permanently disabling. A burn is the result of tissue damage after the skin makes contact with heat or chemicals. More serious burns can even damage…

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Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Here’s what you can keep

exempt sign bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is often referred to as the “liquidation bankruptcy” because it wipes out most, if not all, of your unsecured debts. This fact, combined with the relatively short duration of a typical filing, motivates a lot of people to use Chapter 7 to get a fresh financial start. There is a potential downside, however.…

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Can part-time employees receive workers’ compensation in New York?

Worker’s compensation plays an indispensable role in the nation’s employment system. It ensures that if you are injured while carrying out employment-related duties, your medical costs are covered. Many people, however, wonder if this protection is also extended to part-time employees. The answer is, yes. New York is not an elective state when it comes…

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Who will provide health insurance for my children after divorce?

divorce and health insurance

When you and your spouse divorce, most situations that you maintained as a family unit will have to be restructured. These include living arrangements, finances, and even health insurance, the latter of which is a special concern if you have children. Technically speaking, medical insurance counts as a form of child support. Making it available…

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The bankruptcy means test: What it is and how it works

bankruptcy petition chapter 7

When you are struggling with more debt than you can handle, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can give you the fresh start you need. Unless they have significant assets that they stand to lose in this liquidation-type bankruptcy, most debtors prefer to file Chapter 7 because all unsecured and nonexempt debt is eliminated, there is no limit…

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Slip and fall in stairwells

slip and fall injuries on stairs

In New York City, thousands of people ascend thousands of stairwells every year as they go to work, school, the upper level of a shopping center, and other locations essential to daily life. It is the responsibility of property owners in these buildings to keep the stairs in reasonably safe condition by carrying out regular…

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Dividing marital debt in a New York divorce

marital assets divorce

When a couple divorces in New York, it’s not only marital property that must be fairly evaluated and divided. Any debt accumulated during the marriage (and acquired for the benefit of both parties or their children) must also be equitably split between the spouses. Common examples of such financial obligations include: Mortgages Car loans Personal…

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Compounding pharmacies medical malpractice


A compounded medication is made when separate ingredients are combined in a specific dosage for a particular patient. While this process allows doctors to customize drugs for their patients, it has also resulted in serious problems that include but are not limited to medical malpractice claims that arise from the following situations: Using the wrong…

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Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a business

business bankruptcy chess concept

You started your small business with the best intentions, but thanks to a competitive marketplace, reduced consumer spending, and difficult economic climate, the once-promising venture is now drowning in debt. Could bankruptcy—specifically, Chapter 7—resolve your difficulties? It’s possible, but it also depends. What type of business is it? Chapter 7 bankruptcy will only eliminate dischargeable…

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OK Food Inc. recalls nearly one million pounds of chicken products

recalled food chicken

Back in March, Oklahoma-based company OK Foods Inc. recalled over 933,000 pounds of breaded chicken, citing concerns that the products could be contaminated by metal and other foreign materials. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) stated that OK Foods Inc. became aware of the issue after five consumers alleged that…

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Fire deaths in New York City at 100-year low

In January, Mayor de Blasio confirmed that 48 people died in New York City fires in 2016, which is the lowest number of losses in more than a century. Officials attributed the decline to certain Fire Department initiatives, such as more consistent and stringent fire inspections, faster response times, improved fire education programs, and the…

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Reasons the court might dismiss your bankruptcy case


When you file for bankruptcy in New York, your case will have one of two outcomes: discharge or dismissal. What happens in your instance will depend on whether or not you fulfill the requirements imposed upon you by the bankruptcy court. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are required to do the following: File accurate…

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Carbon Monoxide injuries in New York

Carbon monoxide is also known as the “‘silent killer.” Its fumes are invisible and have no odor or taste, which can make it hard to know that you are being poisoned until it’s too late. Emitted by cars, furnaces, stoves and gas ranges, it can build up to dangerous levels very quickly. In high concentrations,…

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