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New York attorney general brings suit to big banks to ‘force compliance’ with mortgage settlement designed to prevent foreclosures

Forty-eight states and New York agreed to the National Mortgage Settlement last year. This settlement prohibits lenders, which are usually banks, from foreclosing on a homeowner who is in the process of refinancing his or her home mortgage. This settlement is an important agreement that will help keep individuals and families in their homes.

Some banks, however, have not fully complied with this mortgage settlement. New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman is suing Wells Fargo for their alleged failure to fully comply with the agreement. Additionally, the New York Attorney General says that he will sue Bank of America for a similar reason. One main point of these lawsuits is to encourage bank’s compliance with this agreement.

The settlement is a key agreement as it has helped thousands of New Yorkers avoid foreclosure, according to an October 2, 2013 Yahoo! News article. Both banks have stated that they have helped prevent homeowners from losing their home. In fact, Wells Fargo says that it has approved at least 880,000 mortgage modifications across the country. And, Bank of America has offered “significant assistance” to homeowners under the mortgage settlement. Furthermore, both banks are looking for ways to improve their procedures and practices to better serve homeowners.

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