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Man cannot sue for injury resulting from fall in snow and ice

A man at a resort and conference center decided to take a shortcut to the parking lot. The shortcut went down a hill and was covered in snow covered ice. That day it had been snowing, and the man fell on the hill and was injured. He attempted to sue the center for damages related to his injuries according to the New York Law Journal. He claimed the center was negligent because it neither put up a sign to advise people not to use that path nor warned him verbally about the dangerous pathway.

On the other hand, an employee of the center told the court that it was known that people used that pathway, but the center did not post a sign, and there were no physical barriers to prevent people from walking down the hill.

The judge decided to dismiss the injured man’s case. The judge said that it was not the center’s responsibility to remove the snow and ice from the hill. The judge said that there was a shortcut and not an “intended walkway.” Additionally, the center had not been given notice of the dangerous condition or sufficient time to find it or fix it. Therefore, the judge decided that the center was not responsible for the man’s injuries, and so he could not sue the center for damages related to his injuries.

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