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How to work with (not against) your personal injury attorney

When you hire a personal injury attorney, you’re embarking on a relationship that calls for certain levels of trust. What this means is that you need to disclose everything about your case, even if you don’t believe that certain changes or updates are relevant. Your attorney is the one who needs to make that call, as they have the qualifications and experience to know what to do with any information you provide.

Always be honest

People often hold back information or even lie outright to their attorneys, convinced that if they show progress, they are minimizing the value of their claim. They will, for example, go on a walk to support their favorite charity and the first thing their personal injury attorney knows about it is when the insurance company presents them with photos from your Facebook page. Your attorney loses credibility when something like this happens, and so do you.

Follow your doctor’s orders

When you start to feel better, you might be tempted to cut back on doctor appointments, medications, and other treatments. Don’t do it. When you stop actively participating in your own recovery, it can create a negative impression. An insurance company or opposing counsel could try to claim that you are simply milking the situation to realize a more lucrative outcome.

Advise your attorney of any previous injuries and/or claims

Another thing that some people hold back from their lawyers is the fact that they have been injured before. This is usually due to concerns that a pre-existing injury will detract from any award or settlement they may be eligible for. These days, insurance companies have access to databases that reveal previous insurance and personal injury claims. Trying to conceal such information will damage your credibility if the opposing counsel brings it to light first.

Keep your attorney up to date with your progress

Personal injury cases are rarely settled immediately. In some instances, it can take years to settle a claim, so there will be likely changes in your medical condition, employment status, and other aspects of your life. You should advise your personal injury attorney of any changes such as:

  • Improvement or worsening of your injuries
  • Any changes in your doctor’s assessment of your condition
  • Whether or not you’ve been approved to go back to work

If you hold anything back, believing that the information is either irrelevant or too damaging to your claim, the entire case could be negatively impacted. Remember: your attorney needs to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Following these guidelines and maintaining open lines of communication with your attorney will enable them to give you the most effective representation.

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