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Parenting time concerns due to COVID-19 outbreak


When the court orders a custody and parenting time schedule, it typically meets the needs of everyone’s present circumstances. But what if an emergency–in this case, the COVID-19 pandemic–makes that arrangement unsustainable? What if you feel that it’s not safe for the kids to travel to visit their other parent? Although everyone’s situation is unique…

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How to be near when you’re far away

video chat visitation

For many people, divorce leads to long-distance parenting. According to the National Center for State Courts, nearly one-quarter of the nearly 18 million children of divorce have a parent living in another city. In addition, an estimated 75% of single mothers will move at least once within four years after divorce or separation. As a…

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Proving adultery in a New York divorce

wood people gavel courthouse figures

Last year, the New York Post ran an article revealing that Ashley Madison, the portal that connects cheating spouses, is as popular as ever despite a catastrophic data breach in 2015. The article stated that the company’s US revenue increased by 17% in 2016 and over half of its active users are female. Until 1967,…

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Handling “back to school” as a divorced parent

woman and children back to school concept

Back-to-school season is stressful for parents as well as kids, but when you’re recently divorced, the challenges can be amplified. How will you split the cost of school supplies? Who will go shopping for them? Will both of you accompany the kids to the bus stop or drive them to school? The back-to-school transition is…

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Enjoying Valentine’s Day after divorce

hearts representing valentine's day

When you’re newly divorced, Valentine’s Day is one of those celebrations that can make you feel worse about being single. Everywhere you go in the city, lace-trimmed pink or red hearts are in store windows, roses and chocolates are central sale items, and romantic dinners for two are advertised in all the restaurants. You may…

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Virtual visitation in child custody cases

video chat with child

Thanks to global trade expansion and an increasingly mobile workforce, more divorced parents are relocating to new cities, states, and even countries. According to the National Center for State Courts, nearly 35 million children in the U.S. have divorced or unmarried parents and approximately 25% of them have a parent that lives in a different…

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Your first New Year’s after divorce—making it work

The first New Year’s after divorce is always difficult. Now that you and your spouse are no longer together, how are you going to handle the parties and social events that have been a New Year’s tradition for so long? Avoid them entirely? Talk to your ex and find out which ones he’s attending so…

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What is the difference between legal separation and divorce?

cut separation concept

Ending a marriage is not a decision that anyone should take lightly. When you file for divorce, the financial and emotional effect on the rest of your life is immediate and far-reaching. Because it is so important to be sure that the marriage is irretrievably broken before initiating divorce, New York law supports an alternative…

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Holiday co-parenting tips


The holiday season is always difficult for divorced parents and their children. Parents have to let go of old grudges and bad memories so that they can work together and make the season special for the kids, who may be feeling sad at the realization that their family is now divided. Young children can be…

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What cases does a Bronx family court lawyer handle?

divorce concept, broken heart

Family law deals with domestic relations, so Bronx family court lawyers represent clients in divorce proceedings and associated matters such as spousal maintenance, child custody and support, and division of marital property. Many lawyers also assist victims of domestic violence in civil protection court order proceedings. Child custody There are two types of custody arrangement…

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Litigated divorce in New York

courtroom for divorce

A litigated divorce is one where both parties can’t come to an agreement and resort to the courts to settle their differences. This type of divorce usually happens when one party refuses to settle on key issues, deliberately hides information such as financial records, or refuses to disclose details about all property they owned prior…

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Supreme and family court appeals in New York

Appealing a decision or order from the New York Supreme or Family Court is a complicated process. To begin with, you should have sufficient grounds for appealing: being dissatisfied with the outcome of your case is not enough. The following circumstances must also apply: You or your attorney must have objected to the issue during…

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Considering moving after a family court case? Think again.

Two recently separated New York parents obtained a child custody and visitation agreement. According to an October 18, 2016, New York Law Journal article, the father wished to modify this agreement. In the agreement, the two parents agreed to reside within fifteen miles of each other to benefit their child. The father sought to change…

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What about pet custody?

Although child custody is often one of the most hotly contested aspects of a divorce, many individuals with and without children also face challenges over what happens to family pets when a marriage dissolves. While normal property can be sold or divided, a beloved pet is irreplaceable. The conversation about what happens to a shared…

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Same-sex divorce remains yet to be clearly defined


With all the recent news about same-sex marriage, there is a lot of legal precedents that remains to be set with regard to same-sex divorce. Although the phenomenon of parting ways from a same-sex marriage is not necessarily new, it has not been handled in America’s courts in the high numbers that heterosexual marriages have.…

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Parent’s implied consent to child’s relocation

When a parent relocates to another country with his or her minor child, he or she usually needs the consent of the other parent. However, consent can be implied based on the actions of the parents as was the case described by a recent New York Law Journal article. A couple that met in New…

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New York State Domestic Relations Law summarized

Bronx Lawyer

The Domestic Relations Law is part of New York’s legal code. This part is often abbreviated, DRL. The DRL is composed of sixteen articles. These articles form the backbone of New York’s laws on marriage, divorce and family law. A summary of each article of the DRL follows. Article 1 The article gives the short…

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I have been served divorce papers. Now what?

serve divorce papers

Being served with divorce papers can often be confusing, and often embarrassing.  The following months and in some cases years, can be long and emotionally difficult. Firstly, there are different types of service that may be made in a case. In the case of a divorce, personal service must be made, what this means is…

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Sex offender was denied his due process rights


Ferry, a sex offender, was sent to prison and was released in 2009. Then he was sent to a mental institution. While he was in prison he was neither able to appear for his family court proceeding nor was he represented in court. Nevertheless, the family court granted his aunt sole custody of his two…

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Tips for getting along after divorce

Divorce Tips

Some people cannot wait for their divorce to become finalized. However, this might not actually end their disastrous relationship, rather it might be the beginning of a challenging cordial relationship as the parents have to try to make things work for their children. To have a cordial relationship with one’s ex-spouse, here are some tips…

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Registered sex offender denied visitation rights to biological child

A New Jersey father was denied visitation rights to his child after the court’s learned that he was a registered and convicted sex offender, as reported by the Courier-Post in a March 13th, 2013 news article. The father originally pleaded guilty to multiple offenses involving having sexual intercourse with minor girls under the age of…

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Is “bird-nesting” a good option after divorce?

Visitation & Parenting

What is bird-nesting? After a divorce with a child or children involved, there are a few options for parenting. One is sole custody, where one parent has control over the children. The non-custodial spouse can apply for visitation rights. Another option is joint custody where both parents share custody over the child. Bird-nesting has been…

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“Attorney for the Child” in child custody cases

New York Child Custody Lawyer

Under New York law, in the majority of child custody and visitation cases, the court will assign an “Attorney for the Child.” An attorney for the child is an attorney assigned and paid for by the courts to represent the child’s interest.  These attorneys are normally attorneys who have prior child custody and visitation experience.…

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One state’s lawmakers make changes to child custody rules and guidelines

video chat with divorced parents

The state is finally updating the laws that govern their child support and custody disputes. The laws had not been modified since 2001. In 2012, lawmakers sought to obtain as many comments, reviews, and suggestions as possible from family law judges. Based on the information gathered lawmakers have made the following changes to their governing…

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Father serving jail sentences allowed to some visitation rights

A New York Family Court rules that a court cannot impose certain requirements as a condition of having future access to their child. According to a New York Law Journal article published October 26, 2012 in a new case decided by the courts have restricted some of the conditions a court may place on a…

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Family court’s semi-centennial

In New York State, there is a family court located in each of its five boroughs, in addition to the numerous family courts that are located upstate. Today New York City’s family court, which handles disputes that include but not are not limited to divorce, child abuse, child support, paternity, adoptions, and order of protections…

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Can a family have more than 2 parents? California to vote

A bill that challenges the traditional definition of a family passed in the California state Senate and is now in the state Assembly. This bill would allow a child to have more than two parents according to a July 10, 2012 Fox News online article. According to a statement by the bill’s sponsor, it is…

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