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A virtual Christmas with the kids

holiday lamp and hat

What’s worse than not having the kids for Christmas? Not having them AND being out of the state or even the country over the holidays. Thanks to an increasingly mobile workforce, this scenario will be a reality for many divorced parents this season. It’s not a happy prospect, but remember one thing: the technological advances…

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Don’t have the kids for Thanksgiving? Here are some options

family at Thanksgiving

What was Thanksgiving like before the divorce? Was there a huge roast turkey on the table, finally ready for eating after tantalizing everyone with its aroma for hours? Were there last-minute rushes to the grocery store for extra cranberry sauce or whipped cream? Was it all topped by a feeling of togetherness as everyone gathered…

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What to do if your ex accuses you of child abuse

child abuse concept unhappy child

All good parents have one thing in common: they love their children deeply. Therefore, one of the worst things a parent can experience in a contentious family law case is an accusation of child abuse. Imagine that you are going through a divorce from a vindictive spouse. They are accusing you of all kinds of…

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What to do when your teenager no longer wants to visit

mother daughter together

You and your spouse had an amicable divorce, in which you agreed to joint legal custody of your young son, Brad. The schedule called for him to spend every other weekend with you.  For years, both you and your son looked forward to these weekend visits. When the weather was pleasant, you enjoyed outdoor activities…

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Overview of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act


We live in a highly mobile society today, so it is not unusual for divorced parents to want to relocate to a different city, state, or country with their children for personal or work-related reasons. While some noncustodial parents view such a move as beneficial for the children and reluctantly give their blessing, others vehemently…

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Enforcing a child support order after divorce

scales of justice with family

Few things are more distressing for a parent than struggling to support their child financially. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many divorced parents throughout New York State. A child support order was included in the terms of the divorce, but their former spouse is chronically late or even refuses to pay at all, saying…

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August- the month for divorce

august month

We’re in the home stretch where August is concerned. For kids, this is a bittersweet month for two reasons: one actual and one potential. In the first case, they only have a few weeks of freedom left before heading back to school. In the second, they may also be coping with their parents filing for…

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Buying a home as a single parent

hand keys

If a recent divorce has made you a single parent, then you may be tempted to give up your dream of home ownership. You’re living on one income instead of two, making it difficult if not impossible to make a significant down payment. Don’t give up just yet! There are several local and national home…

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How to announce your divorce

announce sign

There’s something about publicly announcing your divorce that makes everything seem so final. This is it. There’s no turning back. Before announcing such a life-changing event to friends and family, think about what you want to say. Even if the marriage didn’t end on the best of terms, then resist the urge to share the…

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Imputing income for underemployed parents


Not long after you and your spouse separated, he was laid off from his job. Now that you’ve filed for divorce, he seems determined to remain unemployed, although he insists that he is actively looking for the “right” job. This scenario happens a lot. To reduce the amount of spousal or child support they might…

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What do you earn? Self-employment and divorce

self-employed man concept

When a couple divorces or separates, the court looks at their respective incomes to decide how much child support to award or whether spousal support is called for. When both spouses are employees, calculating income is a relatively simple matter of checking W-2s. When one or both parties are self-employed, things get complicated. Statistics show…

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Can a “sleep divorce” improve your marriage?


Those of us who watched I Love Lucy (or the reruns, anyway) will remember the separate beds in Lucy and Ricky’s bedroom. While this concept will seem prudish and outdated to most couples today, for others it is an arrangement that could help a difficult marriage. A National Sleep Foundation survey carried out in 2015…

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When should children testify in family law proceedings?

gavel and figurines

When custody disputes occur, New York judges attempt to resolve the matter without putting the child in the position of having to choose between their parents. In some cases, however, input from the child may be necessary to give the court the information it needs to make the best decision, so a “Lincoln hearing” will…

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Father’s Day tips for divorced dads

father son

Father’s Day is a vibrant celebration of the relationship between dads and their children. Although the reason why Father’s Day is so special does not change after divorce, the way you celebrate the day may be different than the years before. That’s not necessarily a bad thing- you all have an opportunity to share and…

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Who owes MasterCard? Debts in a New York divorce

credit card

When you and your spouse decide to divorce, you expect that all marital assets will be divided according to New York’s equitable distribution system. But what about the MasterCard bill you ran up together? The line of credit you took out a few years ago that is now at its limit? The student loan you…

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Divorcing a deported spouse


You married your foreign-born spouse in good faith after the government initiated deportation hearings against him, but two weeks after the marriage, he was deported anyway. For a while you both remained in touch, and you even hired an attorney to help him come back to the U.S. Then he disappeared. No phone calls, no…

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How to earn extra money as a divorced stay-at-home parent

woman on computer with baby

If you’re like many people, then you had to make a lot of financial changes after divorce. If you didn’t know how to budget before, then you learned quite quickly. Things are especially complicated if you’re a stay-at-home parent. Although you are definitely working full-time, being a parent doesn’t come with the paycheck it deserves.…

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YouTube: Your best friend after divorce

film reel informational

Before divorce, your spouse may have been the one who balanced the household budget, trimmed the hedges, and fixed the occasional leaky faucet. Now that you’re single again, well-meaning friends are probably sending you the contact information for their favorite accountant, landscaper, or handy person. If you’re like most people after divorce, you’ve prepared a…

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Is your New York divorce recognized in all states?


People today move around a lot more than they used to. If you’re in the U.S. military, then this is especially true. If you were divorced in New York and move to another state for work or personal reasons, will the divorce be recognized there, allowing you to remarry if you meet someone else? Yes,…

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How does infidelity affect a New York divorce?

infidelity and divorce

You’ve discovered that your spouse has been having an affair for months and feel confused, angry, and betrayed. After a while, you decide that the marriage is irretrievably broken and want a divorce. How will your spouse’s adulterous behavior affect the divorce process? Before 1967, adultery was a major factor in a New York divorce…

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In and out parenting? An overview of bird’s nest custody

custody arrangement birds

At first glance, it seems like an unusual custody arrangement. Every two weeks, Sandra packs a small suitcase, kisses her young son and daughter goodbye, and moves out of her Bronx home for three days while her former husband, Joe, moves in. After those three days are up, Joe drives home to Queens and Sandra…

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How will divorce affect a mortgage modification in New York?

mortgage modification application

You are in the midst of a divorce when you receive an ominous notice from your mortgage lender. Due to financial difficulties, you and your spouse have had a hard time keeping up the monthly payments. Now you have a possible foreclosure to deal with in addition to the end of your marriage. If you…

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Protect your holiday gifts during divorce

gift asset with tag

You may have received many valuable gifts from friends and family during the recent holidays. Each one either came with a tag bearing your name or was handed to you directly by the giver. This means that it was meant exclusively for you, but if your marriage ever ends, it’s possible that the gift could…

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How to protect yourself during a toxic divorce

woman stressed with finances bills

Under ideal circumstances, you and your spouse will accept that you’re better off apart than together and be willing to work with one another to make the split as painless as possible. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world and you may be married to someone who is aggressive, controlling, and even an outright narcissist.…

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Enjoying Valentine’s Day after divorce

hearts representing valentine's day

When you’re newly divorced, Valentine’s Day is one of those celebrations that can make you feel worse about being single. Everywhere you go in the city, lace-trimmed pink or red hearts are in store windows, roses and chocolates are central sale items, and romantic dinners for two are advertised in all the restaurants. You may…

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Virtual visitation in child custody cases

video chat with child

Thanks to global trade expansion and an increasingly mobile workforce, more divorced parents are relocating to new cities, states, and even countries. According to the National Center for State Courts, nearly 35 million children in the U.S. have divorced or unmarried parents and approximately 25% of them have a parent that lives in a different…

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Apps for co-parenting? They exist!

various apps

Technology is often blamed for situations leading to divorce: social media addiction, flirtation on Tinder, and other gadget-based rudeness and infidelity have all been cited as reasons for relationship breakdown. There are times, however, when technology makes your life easier, especially after divorce. The co-parenting apps listed below all make it easier for you and…

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Your first New Year’s after divorce—making it work

The first New Year’s after divorce is always difficult. Now that you and your spouse are no longer together, how are you going to handle the parties and social events that have been a New Year’s tradition for so long? Avoid them entirely? Talk to your ex and find out which ones he’s attending so…

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What is the difference between legal separation and divorce?

cut separation concept

Ending a marriage is not a decision that anyone should take lightly. When you file for divorce, the financial and emotional effect on the rest of your life is immediate and far-reaching. Because it is so important to be sure that the marriage is irretrievably broken before initiating divorce, New York law supports an alternative…

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Holiday co-parenting tips


The holiday season is always difficult for divorced parents and their children. Parents have to let go of old grudges and bad memories so that they can work together and make the season special for the kids, who may be feeling sad at the realization that their family is now divided. Young children can be…

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Does your ex have a homework-free policy?

women doing homework

When your child hands you yet another note from the school, you know without even opening it what it contains. Jane has not been doing all her homework assignments again, and the slacking off occurs on school nights when your ex has parenting time with her. You’ve talked to him about this already, and he’s…

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Going back to work after divorce? Here are some resume tips!

job search

Now that your divorce is finalized, you’re preparing to return to work after years as a homemaker. Depending on what industry you want to work in, you’ll have to brush up on your skills—and your resume. Decide what jobs interest you If you want to work in a particular industry, then state this objective on…

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Assembling your divorce “dream team”

professionals team

Divorce is a confusing and stressful time for anyone. There are so many areas that need to be addressed: legal, financial, and of course emotional. To make matters worse, everyone is giving you advice, a lot of it conflicting. How will you handle it all? The answer is: you don’t. At least not by yourself.…

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What happens to your New York estate plan during a divorce?

legal will

If you have recently filed for divorce, then you will also want to consider changing your estate plan in the process. The New York Estates, Powers, and Trusts Law 5-1.4 addresses the effect of divorce, annulment, or  judicial separation on estate planning documents such as wills, and if certain steps are not taken, then your…

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How to keep divorce from harming your credit

credit score

When you file for divorce, you expect your life to change. You will no longer be living under the same roof as your former spouse, your standard of living may be different, and many social routines will change. What you may not anticipate is how your FICO score will be affected. The simple act of…

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How to make your kids feel more secure during divorce

mother hugs son

When their parents divorce, children often wonder what went wrong and whether or not they might be to blame. These anxious and confused feelings are heightened when one parent moves out, splitting the household and causing them to see that parent less often. Although there is no way to ease the pain of divorce completely,…

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Tips for single parents going back to school

father children toys working

Children are not the only ones who experience back-to-school excitement and jitters. Divorced parents do too, especially if they have been a stay-at-home mother or father for years and need to brush up on their skills before looking for a job. As the workforce and employer expectations change, many people go back to school to…

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Protecting inheritances in a New York divorce

inheritance laws

When you’re married, you share everything in your lives, even assets that you inherited. Perhaps your parents left you a beautiful vacation home, or you have a rare coin collection from your grandfather. If the marriage ends in divorce, you naturally want to keep that property, especially if it has strong sentimental and financial value.…

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Ways that a criminal record can affect your child custody case


It’s common knowledge that a criminal record can have a detrimental effect on your life. Not only are there immediate penalties such as significant fines and possible incarceration, but you also face long-term complications such as restricted employment options, loss of access to public benefits, and even challenges when you seek custody of your children.…

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Divorce and marital debt in New York

Marital debt is any financial obligation acquired by one or both spouses during the course of a marriage. It is typically accrued to benefit the couple/family in some way, and can include: Mortgages to acquire family homes Car loans Personal loans Joint credit cards and lines of credit It is even possible for one spouse’s…

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Four tips for summer parenting time

As the last day of school before summer break approaches, we feel a more pressing need to confirm vacation plans for the summer. For divorced parents who have agreed to establish their own vacation schedule, this can be as difficult as it is exciting. We would love to take the kids to Disney World in…

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Child support arrears

Parents are obligated to support their children even if their relationship comes to an end. When this happens, the typical arrangement is that the non-custodial parent pays child support to the parent who retains primary custody, with the amount calculated to cover the children’s needs and help them enjoy a lifestyle similar to the one…

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Four tips for summer parenting time

mother and child

As the last day of school before summer break approaches, we feel a more pressing need to confirm vacation plans for the summer. For divorced parents who have agreed to establish their own vacation schedule, this can be as difficult as it is exciting. We would love to take the kids to Disney World in…

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Bankruptcy and child support

money bill

Imagine this scenario. Your ex has been ordered to pay you child support after your New York divorce, and she does—approximately half the time. As the months pass, many payments are missed and the amount of back child support due to you increases. Then you find out that she has just filed for bankruptcy to…

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Professional practice valuations in a New York divorce

When you and your spouse divorce in New York, all marital property must be distributed in a fair and equitable manner. If you own a professional practice, such as a medical, dental, legal, or accounting business, it is subject to division regardless of when you started or joined it. It’s a process that can be…

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Who will provide health insurance for my children after divorce?

divorce and health insurance

When you and your spouse divorce, most situations that you maintained as a family unit will have to be restructured. These include living arrangements, finances, and even health insurance, the latter of which is a special concern if you have children. Technically speaking, medical insurance counts as a form of child support. Making it available…

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Financially preparing for divorce: What you can do

finance calculator

Divorce does not only change your marital status. It also creates significant changes in your financial situation. That is why it is important, even at such an emotional and stressful time, to prepare for a separate financial existence the moment you and your spouse accept that the marriage is over. The five steps below will…

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Where do gifts fit into New York divorce settlements?

marital property - gifts

When divorcing spouses divide assets, gifts often become a subject of dispute, especially if they are valuable ones. Under New York law, gifts to either spouse from a third party (e.g. a friend or family member) are the separate property of the recipient, but there are ways that they can become part of the marital…

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Hidden assets during divorce

divorce assets

When two parties divorce, the ideal scenario is for both spouses to agree to a fair and equitable division of marital assets. That’s not always the way it happens, however. Spouses have been known to hide assets from each other in order to avoid having to share them. This is often the case when one…

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How to appear in Bronx Family Court telephonically

family court appearance

Sometimes circumstances leave you unable to attend your upcoming appearance date in Bronx Family Court. Perhaps you now live in a different state or even country, or an emergency has come up, forcing you to be out of New York when court is in session. Provided your absence is for a valid reason, you may…

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How to prepare financially for a divorce

Once you realize that divorce is inevitable, it’s time to review your finances. For years, you merged your financial identity with that of your spouse: you had joint bank accounts, credit cards, and lines of credit. Now, you have to establish your own independent financial profile. Here are some tips on how to accomplish that.…

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How to minimize stress for kids during divorce

stress of divorce

Once the decision is made to end your marriage, you’ll likely feel a powerful surge of emotions: grief, anger, sadness, maybe even relief. Chances are that your children are feeling just as strongly about the way their lives are about to change. How a child will react to the news of parental separation will vary,…

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Benefits of hiring a family law attorney

Many individuals who are about to become involved in a New York family law matter, such as divorce, child custody, and support, or spousal maintenance, wonder whether they should hire a family law attorney to represent them or save some money and handle their own case. While there is no law that requires you to…

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What cases does a Bronx family court lawyer handle?

divorce concept, broken heart

Family law deals with domestic relations, so Bronx family court lawyers represent clients in divorce proceedings and associated matters such as spousal maintenance, child custody and support, and division of marital property. Many lawyers also assist victims of domestic violence in civil protection court order proceedings. Child custody There are two types of custody arrangement…

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Automatic temporary restraining orders

bank statement and divorce

You’ve decided that you want a divorce, and are pretty sure that your spouse is not going to be gracious when you tell them. You wouldn’t put it past him or her to spitefully take money from a joint account to reduce the financial resources you can take away with you. Is there anything that…

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Litigated divorce in New York

courtroom for divorce

A litigated divorce is one where both parties can’t come to an agreement and resort to the courts to settle their differences. This type of divorce usually happens when one party refuses to settle on key issues, deliberately hides information such as financial records, or refuses to disclose details about all property they owned prior…

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Social media in New York divorce actions

Most people today are using some form of social media. It can be a great way to keep friends and family up to date about what you’re doing, especially if you don’t see them often. Unwise use of social media, however, it can get you in a lot of trouble, especially during a divorce action.…

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Tips for handling a divorce during the holidays

The first holiday season after a divorce can take an emotional toll on anyone. Now that you and your spouse are no longer together, how will you handle family gatherings and other holiday celebrations that you used to attend together? Will the kids have to attend two sets of festivities? It all sounds daunting, but…

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New York cohabitation agreements

cohabitation agreements for couples

In this day and age, many New York couples are foregoing marriage in favor of living together. Each couple has their own individual reasons for choosing cohabitation: some are morally or politically opposed to the concept of marriage, while others want to simplify the relationship from a legal perspective. If they decide that the relationship…

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Same sex divorces in New York


Same-sex marriage has been legal in New York State since the passing of the Marriage Equality Act in 2011 and, as with all unions, divorce is always an unfortunate possibility. The requirements for same-sex divorce are the same as those that apply to heterosexual couples: you must satisfy the residency requirements set forth in New…

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Supreme and family court appeals in New York

Appealing a decision or order from the New York Supreme or Family Court is a complicated process. To begin with, you should have sufficient grounds for appealing: being dissatisfied with the outcome of your case is not enough. The following circumstances must also apply: You or your attorney must have objected to the issue during…

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Considering moving after a family court case? Think again.

Two recently separated New York parents obtained a child custody and visitation agreement. According to an October 18, 2016, New York Law Journal article, the father wished to modify this agreement. In the agreement, the two parents agreed to reside within fifteen miles of each other to benefit their child. The father sought to change…

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No-Fault divorce in New York

New York adopted “no-fault divorce” in August 2010, which represented a significant change in the state’s long-static matrimonial laws. Prior to the advent of the no-fault option, anyone seeking a New York divorce had to blame their spouse for one of the following in order for their application to be accepted: Adultery Cruel and inhuman…

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Spousal maintenance in New York

Spousal maintenance, as alimony is called in New York, is a series of payments one makes to their former spouse during or after a divorce. Its purpose is to enable the recipient to maintain the same standard of living he or she did during the marriage, as well as help them financially as he or…

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Prenuptial agreements in New York

prenup before wedding concept

At one time, prenuptial agreements were regarded as a formality, and an insulting one at that. Today, however, they are becoming the norm, especially for couples with high net worth. In a prenuptial agreement, you and your future spouse disclose and itemize all the assets you own prior to getting married, and then agree on…

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Child custody and relocation in New York

relocation with children

When a couple divorces in New York State, child custody and the possibility of future relocation will invariably come up if there are minor children involved. In general, there are two types of custody arrangements: sole and joint. Both situations involve one parent receiving sole physical custody of the children while the other parent retains…

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Paying for a child’s education after divorce

New York courts today generally take the view that children must be given every reasonable opportunity to succeed in life. That includes a college education. When evaluating a parent’s post-divorce responsibility for their child’s education costs, the court reviews factors like the following: The ability of the parent to pay The educational background of the…

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Study finds that conflict, not divorce, most likely to impact children’s future divorce likelihood

It has long been assumed that young children who witness their parents getting divorced are much likely to get divorced themselves. According to a recent research study reported in Marriage and Family Review, however, it turns out that conflict, not divorce itself, is actually responsible for this connection. Conflict between parents can make for a…

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New article explores what prompts most men and women to divorce

Love is not always easy, and it can be extremely difficult when you are married and later decide that your marriage is not working out. You may even be prompted to schedule a meeting with a New York divorce lawyer to review your options. Read on to learn more about the reasons that spouses have…

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Divorce and child support in New York

Under New York law, children are entitled to benefit from the income and standard of living that their parents enjoy. When those parents divorce, the noncustodial parent pays child support to the custodial parent so that any children under 21 are not left financially bereft by the separation. Child support in New York State is…

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New study reveals that Americans are less approving of divorce

A new research study from the National Health Statistics Report, a CDC publication, indicates that individuals are softening their opinions on divorce while being less acceptance of the decision to divorce. There is no doubt that the last 50 years have been subject to a great deal of changing perceptions associated with living together, marriage…

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Tips for same-sex couples preparing for divorce

same-sex divorce word letter

Divorce is never easy, but same-sex couples have their own unique concerns when it comes time to end the marriage. Read on to learn more about to handle this situation appropriately. Talk to an attorney first You need a New York divorce attorney who has experience dealing with these kinds of special issues. Since rules…

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Why you should know the numbers before you get divorced


There are many different costs and expenses associated with filing for divorce in New York, including real estate appraisers, experts, lawyers and potentially financial advice or even therapy for you as well as your children. The cost of a divorce can definitely vary, but it is a good idea to have some understanding of what…

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When your divorce stress and sickness requires medical attention

Many individuals going through the process of divorce in New York recognize that stress is one of the most common emotions you are likely to experience before, during and after you file. While there are certainly many different implications associated with divorce that can influence your physical health, you may need to get help from…

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Tips for moving during a divorce

moving boxes after divorce

As if dealing with the emotional ramifications of divorce was not enough, moving out of the home that you shared with your spouse can be an extremely difficult experience. Thankfully, there are many different ways that you can make the move much easier on you. First of all, make sure you contact a moving company.…

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Do I need to tell my child’s teacher about my recent divorce?

Sharing the news that you have recently gotten divorced can become tiring after you have let all the important stakeholders know about the situation. Bear in mind that not everyone will hear word through the grapevine that you have decided to move forward with a divorce. You may consider the benefits associated with letting your…

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How to broach the divorce conversation with your spouse

talk about divorce

It is never easy to bring up the prospect of getting a divorce in New York with your spouse, even if the two of you have been separated for some time. In the event that problems have plagued your marriage or if you have gone through therapy or even been legally separated, having this conversation…

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What to do when divorce has significantly impacted your finances

There is no doubt that a marital dissolution in the State of New York can have numerous implications for your life, including as it relates to your children, your emotions and your finances. Financial strain is common after divorce for both partners. Divorce will have a major influence on you for years to come, which…

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Are high expectations increasing your risk for divorce?

According to a new research study at a Florida State University, high expectations can erode the success of a relationship. High standards in forms of independence, support or caring can only improve satisfaction in marriages where the marital ties are strong. Problems that may lead to divorce can come from having high expectations from your…

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What is discovery and what does it have to do with my divorce in New York?

The process of filing for divorce in New York is relatively straightforward but you can easily get tripped up by a legal terminology such as discovery. Discovery refers to the period in which information is disclosed and shared between the divorcing parties and their attorneys. While this usually happens after the initial pleadings have been…

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Will my New York divorce filing be public?

public and private for divorce records

In recognition of the very private nature of divorce proceedings, New York law keeps the majority of matrimonial matters private by prohibiting court reporters and court clerks from allowing anyone outside of attorneys and spouses associated with the case to copy or examine any of the legal paperwork filed in divorce court. It is natural…

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Could your appreciation of social media be an indicator for divorce?

A new research study indicates that one in seven married individuals have contemplated divorce as a result of a spouse’s social media activity. It is important to realize that the behaviors associated with a lack of trust regarding social media don’t have to do with general use of these sites for sharing updates and interacting…

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What will a divorce cost me?


This is one of the most common questions asked of New York divorce attorneys, but the answer can vary from one firm to another. There are several different things you may need to consider, and the bottom line is that this is all variable based on the level of conflict in your divorce. It is…

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What is a temporary support order in my New York divorce?

child support letters and money gavel

Since a divorce in New York can take some time to be completed, one spouse may consider filing for a temporary support order before a permanent one is established on behalf of him or her by the court. For example, if one spouse has an income and a job and the other does not, the…

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Who can claim the child on taxes after a divorce?

tax return showing dependents

If you are legally separated or divorced, then one of the most common questions you have may be about who has the authority to claim the child as a dependent. More often than not, it is the custodial parent who spends more than half the year with the child who has the rights to claim…

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What does equitable division really mean?

Upon the process of filing for divorce, you might be presented with the term “equitable division” or “equitable distribution” as it relates to dividing up the property between two parties who are ending their marriage. New York is what’s known as an equitable division state. In states like this, each spouse has the income that…

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Tips for staying positive after a divorce

Since divorce can put all of your life in what feels like a tailspin and can significantly alter things you do even on a day to day basis, it can be difficult to stay positive. Trying to avoid focusing on the negative aspects of ending your marriage will make things easier for you in terms…

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Tips for men getting a divorce

Going through the process of a divorce is not easy for anyone but knowing what you need to do to prepare while some of the most common issues impacting them in a divorce can help you feel more prepared. Read on to learn some key tips regarding what to do if you are a man…

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What 3 things should I do to prepare before filing for divorce?

Unfortunately, many divorce proceedings can feel like war, and you need to be prepared for the battle before you initiate involvement. Read on to learn some of the most important tips that you should follow before filing for divorce. First, consult with a few attorneys in family law to determine their upfront fees and their…

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The value of healthy parent-child relationships after divorce

child custody concept

Although divorce can wreck emotional havoc on everyone involved, it is important to try to stabilize healthy parent-child relationships once the divorce has concluded. In many cases, there are so many emotions happening between the divorcing partners that the feelings of their shared children can easily be swept under the rug after the divorce is…

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What are the five marriage mistakes that can lead to divorce?

5 reasons for divorce

Although every relationship situation is unique, there are some common factors that tend to contribute towards divorce. Read on to learn more about whether your relationship could be impacted by one of these five key causes of ending a marriage. These key causes include dishonesty, cheating, addictions, major changes in priorities and abuse. If you…

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