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Do texting bans help prevent car accidents?

Texting while driving is very dangerous behavior, and while most Americans can agree on this fact, it iss till a behavior that happens all too often. When the eyes and focus are pulled away from the road, the driver is at risk of losing control of the car and causing serious accidents. Legislators supporting texting bans…

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Rearview cameras mandated by 2018

accident prevention rear view camera

As cameras have become more commonly used for social media purposes, it is no surprise that the interest in cameras has extended to using them inside vehicles for protection purposes. Rearview cameras are already an optional feature in many newer vehicle models, and lawmakers are seeing to it that this is mandatory going forward. At…

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Steps to take immediately following a car accident

car crash accident

After you have been in a car accident, there is little surprise that you are confused and unsure about next steps. The entire experience can be jarring, but you might also be unfamiliar with the steps you need to take to protect yourself, get medical attention, and determine whether someone else is responsible for the…

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The dangers of summer driving

Even though summer is easily the most beautiful time of the year across New York, it is also a very dangerous time to be on the roads. With people taking more time off and with road trips and weekend getaways being such a hot ticket, you should be aware of the possible risks associated with…

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How to deal with road rage

road rage leads to accidents

If you are confronted with another driver on the road which is taking road rage to new levels, it is in your best interests to steer clear of the driver in question. Read on to learn more regarding tips for handling aggressive drivers in New York. If you spot someone who is driving recklessly or…

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Should I communicate with the other driver after an accident?

accident case

After you have been involved in a car accident, your instincts to do the right thing will usually kick in unless you are impacted by shock. This means pulling over, exchanging information, and even filing a police report. If the other driver was at fault, then he or she might want to try to work…

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What evidence should I collect after a truck accident?

Have you been injured in a truck accident? It might feel as though your whole world has been turned upside down, especially if you are looking at serious injuries. Your next steps after an accident are very important for your future, so read on to learn more about the value of collecting evidence and how…

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A statistical summary of New York City bicycle accidents

On September 19, 2014, a bicyclist in New York City hit a woman head on, after swerving to avoid a group of pedestrians that had gathered near a popular attraction in Central Park. The incident marked the second time within two months that a cyclist hit and killed a pedestrian inside of the nation’s most…

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Federal agency missed clues in GM ignition recall

product defect lawyer automobile

This has been a terrible year for car manufacturers, a slew of which have made national headlines as a result of dangerous and defective products. GM has been one of those manufacturers, accused of manufacturing products that have been connected to more than 100 deaths. After more than one year of looking into the specific…

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Beware of riding in the car with a negligent driver

reckless driving accidents

When you get in the car while someone else is driving, it’s unlikely you’re going to put a whole lot of stock in thinking about that person’s driving skills. That being said, being in the vehicle with a negligent driver could put you in harm’s way in the event of a serious accident. Accidents can…

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The legal rights of New York cyclists

road accident attorney

Article 34 of New York State law covers a wide range of statutes that pertain to cyclists. Some of the laws address cyclist negligence, such as Section 1233 that prohibits cyclists from clinging to motor vehicles. However, Article 34 contains a few statues that grant cyclists legal rights. Legal protection against driver negligence Motor vehicle…

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How to handle the aftermath of a bicycle accident

bicycle accident with car

Every year, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles presents accident statistics that cover a wide variety of operating scenarios. In 2012, over 6,000 bicycle accidents caused by vehicles occurred on New York highways and street, 45 of which turned out fatal. Add the number of times bicyclists hit stationary objects such as trees…

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Lawyer involved in car accident claims he was “working” while driving to work, and that law firm insurer should cover his accident

driving accident

Some businesses offer or extend automobile insurance policies to their employees. This makes sense for companies that rely on deliveries to conduct business, such as a supermarket or a shipping company. That way, if a company truck driver is involved in an accident, the company’s policy will cover the employee as opposed to that employee’s…

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Decision about boy injured in motor vehicle accident reversed

appealing a decision

A woman’s minor son was allegedly injured in a motor vehicle accident. She tried to recover money for that injury in court, but the driver that hit the car in which the minor was a passenger was awarded judgment to dismiss the complaint according to a September 9, 2014 New York Law Journal article. That…

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Taxi accident with another vehicle

car crash lawyer in bronx

In Almeida v. Ben Gor Taxi, the plaintiff Gastao Almeida, age 72, sought compensation for personal injuries sustained when the taxicab owned by Ben Gor Taxi struck the plaintiff’s vehicle in the rear. According to the plaintiff’s testimony, their injuries were to the extent that the accident resulted in considerable back pain and the significant…

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What to do if you are involved in a taxi accident

taxi accident

Taxicabs and liveries are one of the most common modes of transportation used in the New York State. Though the public trusts its taxi drivers to be licensed and experienced, sometimes, despite having taken all necessary precautions, passengers and pedestrians fall victim to unfortunate accidents. In the event of an accident, the passenger retains certain…

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Deadly Driving: Distraction Behind the Wheel

distracted driving

According to research published in April 2013 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a key source of educational information about distracted driving behavior in the U.S., there are over 660,000 vehicles being driven by someone using a handheld cell phone at any given moment. Distraction behind the wheel can come in three primary forms:…

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Judge does not permit release of cellphone records after car accident

distracted driving illegal

A pedestrian died from injuries sustained in a collision with a car. The administratrix, or person in charge of the pedestrian’s estate after his death, and her attorney created an accident reconstruction model according to a July 23, 2014 New York Law Journal article. According to this model, the driver of the car should have…

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Bicyclist hit by car sues for damages of pain and suffering

bike lane accident

In the summer of 2011, a man was bicycling on an avenue in Brooklyn, New York. He was going north and had passed across street when someone driving in an SUV towards that avenue turned right onto the avenue. The bicyclist, who was in a bicycle only lane, alleged that the driver hit him from…

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Staying in control after an accident

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, then there are many things on your mind. You will have to focus and prioritize during this stressful time. Therefore, the first thing on your mind should be the damage caused by this accident. Was anyone hurt? Does anyone need immediate medical attention? Do you immediately…

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Defective airbag propellant brought into the light

defective airbags in accident law

There have been numerous auto recalls in recent months. Perhaps the GM ignition switch defect has been the most famous, or infamous, of these. Now, Takata, an airbag manufacturer is in the spotlight. In 1998, the company switched its propellant to tetrazole. Propellants are designed to inflate the airbag rapidly upon impact. As it turned…

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Injured driving instructor not negligent for student’s accident

driving accident

After an accident between a driver and a student-driver, the student-driver’s instructor sued the other driver for damages related to personal injuries in this crash. In a previous court case, it was determined that the 16-year-old student was entirely (100%) liable for the accident, making him negligent according to a May 28, 2014 New York…

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What is subrogation?

insurance and accidents

After an accident many people file an insurance claim to receive money for damages to their car or to pay medical bills if that person was injured. They will often file a claim with their own insurance even if the accident was another person’s fault. This may mean that the person with a damaged car…

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Liability split in automobile accident court case

car crash attorney

Negligence can be split amongst the two sides Accident details One person was driving a car when he decided to pull over to the left side of the road to check his GPS navigation system. He slowed down and turned his left blinker light on, checked to see if there was oncoming traffic, and then…

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When a dangerous road is not a defective road

highway crash lawyer

In 2005, a dump truck’s breaks failed while it was going down a very steep portion of a highway in Connecticut. The truck hit several cars according to the Connecticut Law Tribune in an August 18, 2014 article. Thirty people were affected by the accident, and half of them were hospitalized and four were killed.…

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The “new” GM is the subject of personal injury lawsuits despite bankruptcy settlement terms

bankruptcy beginnings

In 2009, the US government bailed out the automotive industry. General Motors was one of the companies that the government helped during the financial crisis. GM became a new entity, essentially creating a “new” GM and an “old” GM in bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy settlement left pre-2009 liabilities in the “old” GM. The “new” GM is…

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Could cars that communicate mean fewer road accidents?

cars prevent accidents

The first cars did not seatbelts nor did they have airbags. They had neither rear-view cameras nor automatic emergency braking systems. These innovations show how far automobile safety has come over the years. The next innovation may be cars that talk to each other through wireless signals. This technology is known as vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology…

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A case of dangerous highway guardrails

highway accidents

Highway guardrails are supposed to keep us safe, right? A June 19, 2014 Bloomberg Businessweek article relates the story of a lawsuit that may prove that the end terminals of guardrails are, in fact, dangerous. One man, Joshua Harman’s company, went through a bankruptcy, laying off most of its workers after Trinity Highway Products sued…

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Comedian sues Wal-Mart over deadly truck-automobile accident

auto accident

Tracy Morgan, a famous comedian, as well as his assistant and one other person, were injured in a crash that occurred in New Jersey on I-95 on early June around 1 AM according to a July 14, 2014 Businessweek article. The three are suing Wal-Mart because for negligence and reckless conduct because one of their…

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Victim compensation fund set up by GM

wrongful death calculations

General Motors has set up a fund to compensate victims of accidents caused by a faulty ignition switch in certain recalled cars. The company announced that this fund does not have a cap according to a June 30, 2014 USA Today article. That is, there is no monetary limit on what GM will pay out.…

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Man who fled the scene of an accident faces criminal charges

new york accident attorney

A New York real estate developer was arrested in the Village of East Hampton in May according to the East Hampton Star in a May 27, 2014 article. The man was driving when he sideswiped a parked vehicle. He fled from the scene of the accident in his own car. Fleeing from an accident is…

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Tort reform law is invalid

To learn more the basics about torts, read this recent blog: What is a “tort?” Tort reform is when there changes in the current tort laws and the changes are aimed at reducing the number of cases that are brought for tort claims or damages.  Moreover, tort reform laws vary by state.  About three years…

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What is a “tort?”

injuries and torts

Many people are unaware of what the term tort entails. A tort is an injury or harm that one sustains and it can either be private or civil as reported by the Western Producer in an April 17, 2014 article.  Moreover, the injury can be unintentional, meaning that it was caused by an accident, or…

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General Motors might be liable for a car accident

car accident involves airbag

General Motors recently recalled the Cobalt automobile, which might have caused numerous accidents due to a faulty ignition switch. While some of the accidents may be minor and some may be life threatening and the injured parties are looking to recover for the harm they sustained due to the defect. Recently two people who were…

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Was GM’s bankruptcy tied to the recent defect revealed?

car defect injury

General Motors (GM), a car company, recently discovered a flaw with its ignition switch and it was forced to withdraw about over one million vehicles from the market, as reported by Reuters in a March 22, 2014 article. As a result, the government is trying to determine whether it concealed the “ignition switch defect when…

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Woman injured by drunk driver is suing bar

wrongful death accident

In an August 2013 accident, an allegedly 26-year-old drunk driver hit a 55-year-old woman on a road in Middlesex County, New Jersey according to CBS Local New York. The driver was immediately killed and the woman has suffered trauma, has undergone numerous surgeries and must now live in an assisted living facility. The woman is…

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Teenager injured while he left his residential facility

pedestrian accident in snow at night

A teenager who chose to live in a group home was struck by a vehicle close to eleven at night while it was snowing, as reported by the New York Law Journal in a January 28, 2013 news article. The teenager was being bullied by the other teenagers at the facility, so after he had…

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New York City hit-and-run accident data to be recorded, organized and made public

Bronx accident attorney

Hit-and-run accidents can be fatal. To families and friends of victims of these tragic accidents, it is disheartening that justice cannot be served, because without additional information, the police cannot conduct an investigation. In addition, leaving the scene of an accident is a crime. In fact, according to advocate streetsblog.org, leaving the scene of an…

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Statistics on texting while driving and car accidents

car accident lawyer bronx

While many people might think that texting while driving is not a major issue, it is. Texting while driving can result in a serious life threatening accident. “Each day in the United States, more than 9 people are killed and more than 1,060 people are injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted…

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Fault vs. No fault insurance

auto insurance in court

Every auto owner in the United States must have auto insurance coverage in the state where he or she resides. However, many people do not do this as they shop around for cheap auto insurance and obtain auto insurance in states where the insurance premiums are lower compared to the state where they reside. The…

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How to prove that someone caused an accident

Car Accident Police Report

On one hand there are states that assign fault to the drivers in an automobile accident, whereas on the other hand there are states that do not assign fault to drivers in an accident. In these fault states it might be difficult to prove that the other person caused the accident due to his reckless…

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Injuries predate accident

rear end collision and injury on the highway

A driver driving eastbound on the highway was struck from behind,  when he stopped on the highway due to the major traffic backup, by a vehicle also going eastbound, as reported by the New York Law Journal in a June 10, 2013 new article. The driver who was struck claimed that the other driver “was…

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Truck causes accident

highway accidents

When driving on the highway, one needs to be very cautious because cars are frequently changing from one lane to another. While on the highway, a mechanic was merging into the left lane, and, as a result, he struck a sign that was being pulled by a truck as reported by the New York Law…

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Children cause car accident

Today parents need to keep a more watchful eye on their children, as children are adventure seekers and they act on their spur of the moment ideas. Recently in Phoenix, Arizona two siblings: an eight year old and a six year old, decided to go on a car ride after their mother had put them…

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Tips for remaining calm in a car accident

Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer

For some, car accidents can be very nerve wrecking and traumatizing.  However, it should be easy for someone to remember to “exchange names, addresses and insurance information with the other driver,” as reported by Lifehacker in an August 27, 2013 article. But, what happens if the other driver does not want to exchange this information?…

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A party must have a right to an assignment

One of Allstate’s insured driver got into a car accident, and his car was repaired at an auto repair shop. The insurance company arranged to pay for the repairs done by the auto repair shop, which totaled about close to $16,000 as reported by the New York Law Journal in a January 9, 2013 news…

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Motorist’s sudden turn caused accident

traffic accident

Rota v. Fingerman, 300327-KTS-2011 (1/15/2013) According to a January 15, 2013, New York Law Journal article, the plaintiff, John Rota sued Irinia Fingerman and Gary Fingerman. Irinia was the driver and the latter being the owner of the vehicle. Owners of vehicles are vicariously liable for any accidents in which the use of their vehicle…

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Tow truck driver injured on the job

workplace personal injury

A tow truck driver was injured while he was on the job. The tow truck driver was on the flatbed of his tow truck while he was trying to release a vehicle that was hooked up to it. An employee began operating the forklift of the tow truck while the tow truck driver was on…

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Driver who rear ended another car admitted liability

rear end crash

A store manager who was driving her car stopped at a red light as this is normal procedure for drivers. While she was waiting for the light to turn green someone hit her car from behind. As a result, the store manager sustained back and neck injuries. Thus, she sued the driver who hit her…

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Brooklyn car crash leaves multiple dead and one man behind bars

A Brooklyn man was arrested and charged with criminal charges after being found to be the cause of a car crash, as reported by Free Press in a March 8, 2013 news article. The car crash resulted in the death of a college student, the driver’s pregnant wife, and their baby. He was arrested at…

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Taxi cab driver who hit another driver is not liable

A passenger was traveling in a taxicab. The cab got into an accident while entering an intersection. The taxi driver hit the front of another vehicle which was making a left turn, while the taxi was going straight through the intersection as reported by the New York Law Journal in a May 13, 2013 news…

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Hollywood legend’s son arrested for hit and run accident

Bronx car accident lawyer

According to KTLA.com news article, published on April 3, 2013, Hollywood legend star Clark Gable’s son was arrested on charges for driving while under the influence and a hit and run accident. The police report stated that John Clark Gable was driving down a street in Malibu, California when he allegedly struck a vehicle from…

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Two car crash in New York leads to two deaths

Car accident weather conditions

Fox News reported in a February 20, 2013 online news article that a car crash in New York has led to the tragic death of a father and son. According the police report an 81-year-old and his 51-year-old son died as result of injuries sustained in a two-car collision. The report states that the accident…

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Major accident leaves eight dead in Southern California

Bus Accident Case

South California was faced with a massive bus accident that left at least eight passengers dead and 38 injured on February 3, 2013, as reported by NY Daily News. Authorities first on the scene say that the tour bus was traveling down a mountain road when it struck another car, flipped, then crashed into a…

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Why take photos after an accident?

Car Accident Attorney, New York

Safety first After an accident, you should always check on everyone’s safety. If anyone is injured, then you should call 911 for an ambulance. You should do this before taking photos of the vehicles involved in your accident and the accident scene itself. Another basic rule of accident photography may seem obvious—you should never put…

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A case of insurance fraud and a staged car crash

Auto Car Accident

A court recently found an issue of insurance and mail fraud. An upstate New Yorker claimed that she was the victim of an accident when she was really not. Sometimes, in order to collect money, people make false claims and some stage accidents. In this case, the person who claimed to have been injured pled…

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Summary judgment dismissal reversed

personal injury lawyer

According to an article published in the New York Law Journal, dated December 12, 2012, a plaintiff appealed an order that granted the defendants a summary judgment which dismissed the lawsuit against them. In the negligence action, the plaintiff wanted to recover damages for personal injuries that he sustained as a passenger in a car…

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