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Can the coronavirus affect your personal injury claim?

scales of jutsice books

If you have a personal injury case in progress, you may be wondering how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect your case. Will it drag on for additional weeks or even months? Could it be put on hold indefinitely? While an indefinite holding pattern is unlikely, increased demand for medical services and amended operating hours for…

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Can you file a personal injury claim with no medical bills?

medical bill and checkboook

If there are no medical bills involved in your case, can you file a personal injury claim? In general, the answer is no. For a personal injury case to be valid, you need to establish who was negligent and what damages you suffered as a result of their actions or omissions. To satisfy the latter…

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Can you still file for bankruptcy during the COVID-19 pandemic?

virus cells

If you were thinking about filing for bankruptcy before the coronavirus pandemic took hold or have a case in progress, then you might be wondering how the social distancing and quarantine protocols currently in place will affect the outcome. Can you still file? Is your case on hold indefinitely? What is going on? Are the…

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Divorce rate goes up during COVID-19 pandemic

people in face mask illustration

The quarantine imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have had a detrimental impact on already troubled marriages. Divorce rates are going up, which shows that couples who previously enjoyed ample time apart have not reacted well to long hours under the same roof. In Xi’an, China, divorce requests multiplied so fast that appointment slots…

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Were you injured at an Amazon warehouse?

warehouse workers

When Amazon opened its first New York City warehouse in September 2018, it was hailed as a major economic boost. With over 350,000 full-time employees across the globe and a lot more working part-time or seasonally, Amazon is a leading and high-profile employer. For those who work in a warehouse, a typical day involves a…

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Are remote texters liable for car accidents?

texting and driving

According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 1,000 injured in accidents involving distracted drivers every day in the U.S.  Like many states, New York has strict laws about using handheld devices while driving, but people keep sending and reading texts when they should have their eyes on the road. When a distracted driver crashes…

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Do you have to be a U.S. citizen to file for bankruptcy?

Many people move to the United States to marry an American fiance(e), join family members, accept a job offer, or invest in a business. While a lot of these newcomers eventually become U.S. citizens, others choose to maintain permanent resident (green card holder) status. Although legal permanent residents cannot vote in U.S. elections or remain…

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Parenting time concerns due to COVID-19 outbreak


When the court orders a custody and parenting time schedule, it typically meets the needs of everyone’s present circumstances. But what if an emergency–in this case, the COVID-19 pandemic–makes that arrangement unsustainable? What if you feel that it’s not safe for the kids to travel to visit their other parent? Although everyone’s situation is unique…

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What happens when your spouse depletes the marital estate?

Your spouse always handled the household finances while you focused on managing the home and being a primary caregiver for the children, but now you’re in the process of divorce. To your shock, a review of marital bank accounts and other financial holdings has revealed that the person you once trusted so much gambled away…

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Will your bankruptcy trustee come to your home?

inventory binder

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are required to surrender any nonexempt property to your trustee, who could then sell it and distribute the proceeds among your creditors. Therefore, many people worry that the trustee may come to their home to inventory everything, distressing the family, and catching the attention of neighbors. While…

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Were you hurt in a drowsy driving accident?

tired man driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that in 2013, drowsy driving contributed to 72,000 collisions that killed 800 people and left 44,000 others injured. It’s an extreme outcome that is, unfortunately, not surprising. Various sleep studies have shown that when you drive after 24 hours without sleep, it is the equivalent of driving with…

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Your ex has a new baby: Does that change the child support agreement?

woman baby kid in park

Like every other state, New York requires parents to support their children, which is why child support orders are an essential part of every divorce settlement agreement. These orders are intended to address everyone’s needs at the time Still, if you or your former spouse experiences a significant change in circumstances later, like remarriage and…

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What is a Statement of Intention?


Anyone who files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in New York will have to include a form called a Statement of Intention, which is used to provide the following information to your creditors, trustee, and the court: Which debts are secured by collateral (secured) How you plan to address your secured debts Although the automatic stay…

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Documenting medical expenses after a car crash

calculator book

When you are injured in a car crash in New York, your insurance provider will cover your basic economic losses in accordance with the state’s “No Fault” insurance law. If you sustained serious injuries (e.g., fractures or permanent loss of a body part) or your medical bills exceed $50,000, then you can sue the other…

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What is emancipation and how does it affect child support?


In New York state, noncustodial parents are required to support their child financially until they turn 21 or become emancipated. In the latter circumstance, the child is treated legally as an adult instead of a minor, which means that: They can make decisions and act on them without parental consent They can sign contracts and…

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What is the clawback provision in bankruptcy law?

money transfer

Some debtors who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy try to minimize their losses by paying back preferred creditors like friends and family and transferring property that’s not likely to be protected by a bankruptcy exemption. When this happens, the bankruptcy trustee has the legal authority to undo these transactions and claim the money and property…

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Who pays the student loans in a New York divorce?

student and hundred dollar bills

A recent Businesswire article stated that 44 million Americans owe student loan debt. If you are one of them and you file for divorce in New York, then who is responsible for paying it off? It actually depends on when you took out the loans. If you received them in your name while you were…

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Going bankrupt when you owe money to friends and family

crowd of people illustration

You will always be grateful to your brother for stepping in when you started struggling financially a year ago. He loaned you $5,000 to stay afloat after you lost your job. Now, months later, you still haven’t found a position that covers more than your basic living expenses, and you’re thinking about filing Chapter 7…

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Who is liable for carpool accident injuries?

carpool sign on road

Carpooling has been hailed as a convenient and environmentally-friendly way for employees to travel to work. Consequently, many companies across New York have been offering carpool incentive programs that connect workers who live near one another and enable them to enjoy a less-stressful commute. Carpools, however, are like any other form of travel in that…

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Does child support always end at 18?

piggy bank

Rising costs of living and years spent pursuing post-secondary education have resulted in many children living with their parents well past the age of 18. When families are intact, they can work together to reach a financial understanding, but when the parents are divorced, it raises questions about child support. In New York State, you…

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When should you file a proof of claim for a creditor?

woman holding papers

When you file for bankruptcy in New York, the majority of your creditors will file a claim in order to receive any proceeds from the bankruptcy estate. Although not all of them may receive anything, filing their claim provides information about your debt and increases the likelihood that they will receive something if your trustee…

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How to prevent divorce from hurting your credit

poor great credit score scale

While money issues are a leading cause of marital breakdown, they can also make it hard to start over after a divorce. In fact, an estimated 15% of couples choose to legally separate instead of divorce due to concerns over the damaging effect that dissolution can have on your income, expenses, and credit score. There’s…

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What are the different types of bankruptcy claims?

debt collection letter

When you file for bankruptcy in New York, your debts will become creditor claims. Under bankruptcy law, they are divided into two categories: secured vs. unsecured and, within the latter, priority vs. non-priority. These distinctions dictate which ones get paid first and which ones get paid at all. What are secured claims? Secured debts are…

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Do you have an ongoing headache after a car accident?

headache concept

While it’s not unusual to experience headaches after a car crash, chronic pain that persists after a few months is a cause for concern. Some people report ongoing and disabling headaches for years, which can affect their quality of life and even prevent them from maintaining gainful employment. If you are having chronic headaches, it…

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Valentine’s Day after divorce

restaurant valentine's day

You may not have cared much about Valentine’s Day in the past. All those throwaway cards, overpriced roses, and less-than-spectacular chocolate may have struck you as flagrant consumerism more than anyone else. Now that you’re divorced, your feelings may be different, because Valentine’s Day is now a reminder that you’re alone, with no one to…

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What happens if there is a motion to dismiss your bankruptcy case?


Between 2006 and 2017, there were nearly 13 million consumer bankruptcies filed. Of these, 68% were Chapter 7 filings, while 32% opted for Chapter 13. Chapter 13 has certain advantages: if you have a lot of property that you don’t want to lose in a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, then it lets you repay your…

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How to find out if the driver who hit you is insured

man on phone car crash

According to the New York Department of Health, between 2012 and 2014, an average of 1,098 people were killed in accidents on state roads per year. There were also approximately 12,093 hospitalizations and 136,913 emergency department visits per year. New York State law requires all cars registered in the state to carry the following minimum…

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What happens when property is abandoned by a Chapter 7 trustee?

When you file for Chapter 7 in New York, your trustee is tasked with administering all of the property in your bankruptcy estate. Anything of value that is not covered by an exemption is typically seized and sold so the proceeds can be paid out to your creditors. Sometimes, however, the trustee abandons a piece…

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How a prenup can help you protect your business

mand and woman signing contract

No engaged couple likes to think that their upcoming marriage may not last. You may worry about offending your fiance(e) by suggesting a prenuptial agreement, but if you own a business, it may be worth it to risk hard feelings in order to protect the company’s future. The hard reality is that a contentious divorce…

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Is New York a contributory or comparative negligence state?

car crash exam

When you’re injured in a car accident, a key issue in recovering damages is identifying who is at fault. Depending on where the collision occurred, a court may determine fault according to the rules of contributory or comparative negligence. What is contributory negligence? The doctrine of contributory negligence prohibits you from recovering damages if you…

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Could your spouse have to pay your legal expenses in a divorce?

check and pen

When you’re a stay-at-home parent or only work part-time, filing for divorce can be more stressful than normal. When you have little to no income, how can you afford a divorce attorney who will ensure that you get your fair share of the marital estate and, if necessary, spousal maintenance until you’re on stronger ground…

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Consumer bankruptcy trends explored in recent report

2019 and 2020 wooden blocks

Last September, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released the latest quarterly consumer credit trends report. This document, whose primary purpose is to track how the frequency and types of bankruptcy filings have varied since 2001, also examines issues like: BAPCA effect on the frequency of Chapter 7 filings Discharge rates for Chapter 7 bankruptcies vs.…

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Ice storms are coming: here’s how you can protect yourself from injury

snow on car

New Yorkers have enjoyed a comparatively mild winter so far, but we are now heading into a season well-known for sudden and fierce ice storms. In January 1998, a now-famous storm devastated northern New York and New England from January 5-9, leaving roads impassable and causing an estimated 40 deaths. Another one gripped the Northeastern…

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How are pensions divided in a New York divorce?

pension investigation

When you file for divorce in New York, all property acquired while you were married is subject to an equitable division and distribution. This includes real estate, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and, to the surprise of some couples, pension benefits earned while you and your spouse were still together. If you are divorcing on amicable…

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The HAVEN Law and bankruptcy

capital building

Veterans of the U. S. military sometimes struggle financially after they return from active duty.    Physical and/or emotional injuries (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018 an estimated 41% of Gulf War-era veterans had a disability related to their service) or a personal crisis like divorce can make it impossible for them to…

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Insomnia after a car accident- should you be worried?

person sitting on bed Insomnia concept

After you’ve been injured in a car accident, your healthcare providers will likely advise you to rest often and get plenty of sleep, but what can you do if it takes you hours to doze off or, even worse, you can’t sleep at all? Instead, you stare at the ceiling until daylight, awake but physically…

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What is a QDRO?

QDRO qualified domestics relations order text

QDRO is an acronym for “qualified domestic relations order.” If you file for divorce in New York and one spouse has a retirement plan through their workplace, a QDRO provides the other spouse with the right to receive a specified percentage of the payable benefits. A QDRO can be applied to various types of retirement…

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How to set up your car for Bluetooth

car bluetooth control buttons

Distracted driving has long been a concern for New York lawmakers. In 2001, it became the first state to ban handheld phones use while driving, and in 2009 a law was passed that prohibited texting and driving. Under New York’s current law, using your cellphone while driving is strictly prohibited. Anyone who uses their phone…

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Household debt continued to rise in 2019

debt coins

A third quarter report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Center for Microeconomic Data found that in the third quarter of last year, overall household debt jumped 0.7% to $13.95 trillion. Nominally speaking, this total exceeds the previous peak of $12.68 trillion, which was reported in the third quarter of 2008. The report…

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When can a liability waiver be enforced in New York State?

group spinning class

Liability waivers have become such a routine part of using recreational facilities that we automatically assume that they’re valid. Even if we are injured after using gym equipment or taking a cycling class, we believe that we aren’t entitled to compensation and fail to determine whether that is really the case. This is what the…

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Personal injury and seasonal workers

delivery person

When the holiday season begins, many retailers and shipping companies hire seasonal help. Last month United Parcel Service (UPS) hired 100,000 temporary workers to handle an anticipated 32 million packages a day. The activity rate at this time of year goes up by an estimated 60%, so seasonal help is an essential part of making…

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Gift cards and bankruptcy: Things to consider

gift card

Luxury retailer Barneys, which recently filed for bankruptcy, outraged loyal customers when it declared that after November 7, store gift cards could no longer be used. One of them, who was now out $100, griped to the New York Post, “This is theft.” It’s a situation that has made New York shoppers justifiably nervous. Gift…

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Could this happen to you at Christmas?

christmas lights

The holiday season in New York involves a lot of decorating, cooking, gift exchanges, and overall good cheer. It can also involve some injuries that include falling while setting up the Christmas tree, burns from electrical equipment or candles, stepping on broken ornaments, and slipping on icy walkways leading to your house or apartment building.…

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How to be near when you’re far away

video chat visitation

For many people, divorce leads to long-distance parenting. According to the National Center for State Courts, nearly one-quarter of the nearly 18 million children of divorce have a parent living in another city. In addition, an estimated 75% of single mothers will move at least once within four years after divorce or separation. As a…

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Holiday shopping and bankruptcy

man and woman shopping with Christmas lights

Most of us have a tendency to overspend during the holiday season, even when we’re months behind on our credit card payments and other bills. Although you want your loved ones to have a memorable Christmas morning, excessive spending during the months leading up to bankruptcy can cause serious problems for your case. If you…

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Divorced? Here are some holiday tips for your new budget!

holiday shopping

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been divorced: the holidays can be a challenge, especially when you have kids who are enthusiastic about the latest iPhone or video game. As the last week of December draws closer, the financial and emotional pressure can be considerable. Fortunately, there are ways that you can give your kids…

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Can you sue for a candle injury?

cancdle window hat

During the holiday season, candle use surges in New York households. There’s something especially festive about a flickering taper combined with the scent of vanilla, apple cider, gingerbread, and that perennial favorite, evergreen. No wonder stores like Bath and Body Works are filled to capacity throughout December! Unfortunately, candle use has also led to tragedy.…

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Apps that make post-divorce holiday shopping easier


If you’ve owned a smartphone for long, then you know that there’s an app for practically everything, and post-divorce holiday shopping is not an exception. Buying gifts for friends and family can be fun, but there are a couple of downsides: you’re likely on a budget and when you’re buying for the kids, you want…

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Staying safe in the malls at Christmas

shopping mall interior

Shopping malls are chaotic places all year round, but during the weeks leading up to Christmas, The Mall at Bay Plaza and other locations are packed with holiday shoppers, increasing the risk of injury. Black Friday is especially notorious for causing injury and even death when too many bargain hunters converge on the same location…

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Common custody issues during the holidays

mother daughter present

One of the hardest—and most emotional—aspects of separation and divorce is child custody during the holidays. In many cases, it won’t be possible for your children to celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah with both parents. How can you keep the holidays special when only one parent is with them when they unwrap their gifts on Christmas…

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Yoga injuries in New York

women practicing yoga

If you walk through the streets of New York City, then you’ll inevitably run into someone in loose, comfortable clothing, headed for their favorite yoga studio with a rolled mat under their arm. Yoga has been acclaimed for its physical and mental benefits, but like most activities, there is always the risk of injury. In…

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Repossession vs. charge-off in bankruptcy

car and figure

When you take out a mortgage or car loan, you agree to repay the amount over time. If financial challenges become so steep that you end up having to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the lender will usually do one of two things: take back the asset or charge off the debt. How is repossession…

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Who is liable in a single-vehicle accident?

car crash

Not all car crashes are between two or more vehicles. Many auto accidents involve a single vehicle and driver, which can raise questions of liability. The most common example is run-off-road crashes, which occur when a car leaves the roadway and goes into the ditch or collides with inanimate objects, such as trees, buildings, telephone…

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Can you lose family heirlooms in a New York divorce?

rhinestone jewelry

Family heirlooms are generally antiques or jewelry that have been passed down from one generation to the next. We cherish them because they make us feel connected to where we come from. That blue porcelain water jug in your bedroom? It once belonged to your great-grandmother, who used to wash her face with it before…

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Family of Neil Armstrong wins medical malpractice suit

astronaut on moon

In 2012, former astronaut Neil Armstrong died in an alleged case of medical malpractice. The 82-year-old had undergone cardiac bypass surgery in August and, according to leaked documents, experienced a tear when a nurse removed the wires from his temporary pacemaker, causing him to suffer internal bleeding. The staff at Mercy Health — Fairfield Hospital…

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Dealing with your first Thanksgiving after divorce


For families, Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year. Everyone gets together around a dinner table heaped with roast turkey and all the trimmings, happy to put their smartphones away and enjoy a meal that has been a cherished tradition for generations. For some of us, this is one of the few…

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Can you lose life insurance proceeds in a bankruptcy?


When you take out a life insurance policy and make regular payments, the insurer will grant your beneficiaries a death benefit when you pass. Although this is the goal, if financial difficulties arise and you file for bankruptcy, you could risk losing some or all of the benefits to your creditors. There are two primary…

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Dangerous fads- vaping injuries in New York

man vaping

In August, the New York Times reported that an 18-year-old man had appeared in the emergency room of a Long Island hospital, complaining of dizziness, vomiting, and shortness of breath. When one of his attending physicians asked if he had been vaping, the young man firmly denied it. The patient’s brother, a police officer, wasn’t…

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In a New York domestic partnership? Learn about your rights here

man woman couple

While many couples continue to affirm their commitment to one another by getting married, others opt to enter into a domestic partnership. New York State defines a domestic partner as anyone who meets one or more of the following criteria: Enters into a legally-recognized domestic partnership Is registered as a domestic partner with their employer…

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Can the automatic stay ever be lifted in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

stop hand concept

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in New York, one of the biggest advantages is that the automatic stay protects you from most creditor actions such as collection agency calls, wage garnishments, lawsuits, foreclosures, and repossessions. The automatic stay is an injunction issued by the bankruptcy court. Once creditors are notified, even a lawsuit…

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Civil vs. criminal liability in a personal injury case

alcohol and car keys

Imagine that you are riding in a limousine through upstate New York, en route to a loved one’s fall wedding. Suddenly your driver realizes that he’s about to miss the turn leading to the chalet where the ceremony is being held. He hits the brakes, but the asphalt is still wet from this morning’s rain…

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Handling premarital debt in a New York divorce

timeline clock

When you get married, it legally changes your financial situation. Now everything you earn or acquire becomes marital property, unless a third party gifted or bequeathed something exclusively to you. When you intermingle your finances after marriage, how does it affect your debt liability? If your spouse has student loans, credit card debt, and other…

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Exemptions in Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 bankruptcy


One of the biggest misconceptions about filing for bankruptcy is that you’re going to “lose everything.” A lot of people don’t learn the truth until they’re desperate enough to consult a bankruptcy attorney and learn that in New York, they can use state or federal exemptions to protect property up to a certain value. How…

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New York bill expands informed consent requirement for medical procedures

signature on document

Informed consent is one of the fundamental rules of medical ethics. As a patient, you have the right to control what healthcare procedures you undergo, but most laypeople lack in-depth medical knowledge, so your rights are protected by informed consent, meaning that you cannot fully consent to a procedure or treatment until you know enough…

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New York paternity laws

man and child

In New York, when a child is born to married parents, the presumption is that the husband is the legal father. When the parents are unmarried, it gets complicated. The law does not assume that the mother’s current boyfriend is the child’s father, and steps need to be taken before the putative father receives parental…

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3 common back to school injuries and how to prevent them

children at playground

We all know how unpredictable and accident-prone kids can be. They join their friends in the playground in the morning and come home covered in scrapes and bruises. When it’s time to go back to school, they’re extra-excited about seeing friends that they haven’t seen over the summer and resuming favorite after-school activities. Enthusiasm can…

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Can you modify your own custody agreement?

child custody concept

Technically, yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Once a New York family court has issued a custody order, you and the other parent are bound by its terms unless you apply for a modification, which is generally granted only if you can demonstrate that circumstances have changed significantly since the order was…

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Exempting household goods in bankruptcy

living room furniture

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in New York, your attorney will tell you that in exchange for having all dischargeable debt wiped out, you will have to surrender any nonexempt property to the trustee for sale and distribution to your creditors. How does this requirement affect your household goods and furniture? Will you…

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What recoverable damages are available in a New York personal injury case?

gavel stethoscope

If someone else’s negligent conduct caused you to be injured, you may be able to sue for compensation. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, a personal injury attorney could help you recover compensatory damages, which address past and projected economic losses, and punitive damages, which are intended to punish the negligent party and discourage…

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Is commuting bad for your marriage?

crowded subway train

No one likes sitting in traffic for hours at a time, but New Yorkers don’t typically have a choice. According to a 2017 survey, the average round-trip commute for those who work in the city comes to nearly 58 minutes. That’s around nine minutes longer than the national average of 49 minutes. Several studies confirm…

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Service dog attack injuries in New York

person and dog

In February 2018, a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to Portland was delayed when a six-year-old girl attempted to pet another passenger’s emotional support dog and was left with a mark on her forehead. She was treated by paramedics and was able to fly, but the dog and its owner were not permitted to remain…

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Disputing information on your credit report

credit report

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reported that in 2016, the top source of consumer complaints was inaccurate credit reporting. When you’re trying to rebuild after bankruptcy, a defective credit report can be a major obstacle. Your credit rating dictates whether you will be approved for a credit card, personal loan, or mortgage and, if so,…

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Scarring injuries in New York


Our self-esteem is tied closely to our appearance, which is why scars and other disfigurements that result from a catastrophic accident can be so devastating. Although plastic surgery can correct physical scarring to a certain extent, it can take months of medical treatment and psychological counseling to help you deal with what happened. Accidents that…

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Proving adultery in a New York divorce

wood people gavel courthouse figures

Last year, the New York Post ran an article revealing that Ashley Madison, the portal that connects cheating spouses, is as popular as ever despite a catastrophic data breach in 2015. The article stated that the company’s US revenue increased by 17% in 2016 and over half of its active users are female. Until 1967,…

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Adversary proceedings in bankruptcy


You file for bankruptcy to put your mountain of unsecured debt behind you, but it doesn’t always proceed smoothly. Although it’s not a routine happening, a dispute can arise regarding a debt that you included on the petition. Should this happen, you, your trustee, the creditor, or another party involved in the case can file…

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Spousal misconduct in a New York divorce

illustration man woman question marks

Your spouse was unfaithful to you for over two years, although you only learned about it a few months ago. You’re hurt, angry, and wondering whether her actions will have any impact on the outcome of the divorce. Will she lose her bid for custody of the kids? Receive less of the marital estate? Has…

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What is bankruptcy redemption?

credit card at terminal

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in New York, your lenders may try to reclaim any assets that you posted as collateral for a loan. However, Section 722 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code allows you to keep this property by “redeeming” it, meaning that you pay the remaining debt balance or the current replacement…

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Can a criminal record affect your personal injury case?

fingerprint criminal

An estimated 70 million American adults have a criminal record. That’s almost one out of every three! The FBI regards anyone who has ever been arrested for a felony charge to have a record, even if they weren’t convicted. If you’re one of these people, then how does your record affect a personal injury case?…

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What is a divorce hangover?

sad woman

In 1991, a book came out called Divorce Hangover. It was about the emotional pain and turmoil that often accompanies divorce and suggested that like an alcohol hangover, it would eventually pass and leave you ready to cope with life again. The book acknowledged that divorce was a life-changing experience that aroused strong emotions like…

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Should you file for joint bankruptcy with your spouse?

man woman calculator bills

Married couples in New York have the option of addressing their debt burden by filing a joint bankruptcy petition. While this is a convenient way of eliminating debt incurred over the course of the marriage, it’s not a legal obligation. In fact, there may be times when separate filing is more beneficial. How joint bankruptcy…

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Marked for life: Tattoo parlor injuries

tattoo ink

Tattoos are so popular these days that entire magazines and websites are devoted to them. According to the History of Tattoos website, every year Americans spend $1.65 billion getting themselves inked. 70% of those who get a tattoo go on to get more than one and 20% get more than five. Although tattoos are trendy,…

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What is the “Dutch Reach” and how can it protect you from injury?

car bicycles and people in city

If you regularly ride your bike along New York City streets, then you know what moving cars are always a potential threat. They can stop without warning, make sudden U-turns at intersections, and swerve into your path without signaling first. Cars can even pose a danger when they’re parked, thanks to “dooring.” Dooring is an…

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Handling “back to school” as a divorced parent

woman and children back to school concept

Back-to-school season is stressful for parents as well as kids, but when you’re recently divorced, the challenges can be amplified. How will you split the cost of school supplies? Who will go shopping for them? Will both of you accompany the kids to the bus stop or drive them to school? The back-to-school transition is…

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Nail salon injuries in New York

manicure in nail salon

In 2015, the New York Times estimated that there are over 17,000 nail salons in New York City. Manicures and pedicures are beauty routines that millions of Americans obtain every week or month, but they can present health risks to their patrons when good business practices are not followed. Among the most common injuries experienced…

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What is foreseeability in personal injury law?

chest x-ray

A lot of elements come into play in personal injury cases. Concepts like causation, negligence, and duty of care all determine whether you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and financial losses. With some personal injury claims, an additional concept applies—foreseeability. Foreseeability refers to the issue of whether a reasonable person would have foreseen…

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Getting divorced? Here’s what you should know about insurance

figures in house and hands

If you’re in the process of divorce, then there are multiple demands for your attention. You’re talking to your spouse about child custody and support, sorting through marital assets, and separating your finances. There’s a lot to manage, but don’t let insurance fall under your radar. One area many divorcing couples overlook is life insurance.…

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No personal injury attorney will take my case!

papers clips

We are often contacted by people who say that they have consulted with multiple personal injury attorneys across New York and failed to find one who will take their case. They’re confused and wondering why each consultation ends with a polite, “No.” Let us start by saying that most attorneys genuinely want to help you,…

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Student loan debts in bankruptcy

woman with graduation cap and money bills

Last month, Business Insider ran a story indicating that student loan debt was driving a high number of bankruptcies. Citing a recent LendEDU study, it found that 32% of all consumers who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy have a significant amount of student loan debt- on average, 49% of their liability was related to the…

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Personal injury law throughout history

old books legal history concept

Every year, hundreds (if not thousands) of personal injury claims are filed in courthouses all over New York State. Everywhere we turn, we see billboards, television commercials and online advertisements promoting law firms that promise to protect your rights and pursue your claim if you’re injured in a car accident or harmed by medical malpractice.…

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Can you read your spouse’s email?

woman at laptop

When you suspect your spouse of being unfaithful, it can be tempting to check their email, especially if you discover the password without their knowledge. You probably know that it’s an unethical thing to do, but are you aware that it might also violate federal law? One Chicago woman, Paula Epstein, put an auto-forward on…

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Attacked at an ATM? Who is responsible?

person with card at ATM

Today, practically everyone does their banking online. We pay our bills using a bank app or website, and when we need money, we head to the nearest ATM to enter a code and receive the cash. This practice may be routine, but it’s not always safe. A year ago this month, a 50-year-old man attacked…

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Driving in New York? Be careful on this roadway

highway with bridge overpasses

In December 2016, three people were killed and five injured in a multi-vehicle pile-up on the Cross Bronx Expressway. The accident, which closed all lanes for nearly six hours, occurred at around 5:45 a.m. near Jerome and Webster Avenues. A Ford pickup truck was caught between two tractor-trailers, crushing it and killing three men inside.…

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What lawsuits are not stopped by bankruptcy?

scales of justice head in cloud

When someone files a lawsuit against you, you may be tempted to declare bankruptcy, especially if it involves a debt you can’t afford to repay. While bankruptcy can stop a lot of creditor lawsuits, such as collection actions by credit card companies and mortgage providers, some proceedings are not impacted by the automatic stay. Below…

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Turbulence injuries: Who is responsible?

airplane seatbelt sign

On May 6, passengers on a British Airways flight from London to Tampa Bay, Florida, encountered a terrifying ordeal. A severe episode of turbulence caused the flight to drop without warning, causing several people to hit the ceiling. Video taken immediately afterward showed suitcases and other personal items scattered across the cabin while passengers stared…

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