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Assignor that refused to accept waiver failed to negotiate in good faith in foreclosure deals

The number of U.S. homes in foreclosure is at an all-time high. Foreclosure is when a homeowner is unable to maintain their mortgage payments and the bank starts a proceeding to take possession of their home. Many foreclosures were deemed invalid due to improper procedure. Some acquisitions and negotiations were not done in good faith. Good faith is where the parties in a transaction, use honesty and their best efforts in dealings with others.  In the case of foreclosure of homes, bankruptcy may be an option to prevent homelessness.

In a New York Law Journal article, September 10, 2013, the plaintiff was deemed to have not acted in good faith. The case was sent to a “bad faith hearing” by Special Referee Goldstein. A special referee is assigned to a case to look at facts and give findings to the judge. The court confirmed the findings of Special Referee Goldstein. Therefore, the plaintiff had no right to foreclose the home.

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