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Chapter 7

After a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, most of the the debtor’s debts are wiped out. The debts are discharged, except for student loans, taxes and fines such as parking tickets. Read about the specific dischargeable and non dischargeable debts in bankruptcy as it is important to understand the law.

Our office will collect financial information from you, run a credit report to identify all creditors and inform the creditors that we are representing you so that they do not attempt to collect from you. We will prepare the paperwork and file it in court. Next, there will be a hearing in front of a court-appointed trustee. Finally, you will receive your discharge.

Additional Matters

Bankruptcy matters can be related to auto loans, leases and vehicles, credit card debt, debt collection, foreclosures, short sales, mortgages, pensions, rent and lease, and advice on student loans.

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